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  • A hot-selling vehicle caught fire twice in three months

    AutoBeta( 04/12 Report-- On April 11, some netizens released a video of a new energy car catching fire on the Internet, which attracted a lot of attention. It is understood that the vehicle fire occurred at the roadside location of Tanggang, Duanzhou, Zhaoqing, Guangdong Province, and the vehicle was parked at rest by the roadside. As can be seen from the video, the bottom of the vehicle is large at first.

  • A senior executive of Xilai Automobile is rumored to be leaving soon.

    AutoBeta( 04/12 Report-- Recently, there are media reports that Zhang Lei, vice president of digital cockpit and software development of Xilai Automobile, will resign at the end of the month. Zhang Lei's position in Weilai will be taken over by Wu Jie, former head of software systems, and will be in charge of system Application and Framework Department, forward-looking Intelligent Systems Department, Software quality Engineering Department, Navigation and location Services Department and other departments. Data

  • Zhijie S7 is listed from 249800 yuan.

    AutoBeta( 04/12 Report-- April 11, the new Zhijie S7 officially launched, a total of five new models, continue to offer two-wheel-drive version and four-wheel-drive version of the choice of models, the price range of 24.98-349800 yuan. As a modified model, the new Zhijie S7 is mainly adjusted for price, battery life, main intelligent driving and so on.

  • Mercedes-Benz massive recall

    AutoBeta( 04/12 Report-- On April 12, Mercedes-Benz (China) Automobile sales Co., Ltd. filed the recall plan with the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration in accordance with the requirements of the regulations on the recall of defective Automobile products and the measures for the implementation of the regulations on the recall of defective Automobile products. With effect from April 12, 2024, the following vehicles will be recalled

  • The former general manager of Dongfeng Citroen brand was investigated!

    AutoBeta( 04/12 Report-- According to the discipline Inspection Commission of Dongfeng Company and the Supervision Commission of Xianning City discipline Inspection Commission in Hubei Province, Pan Jiannian, supervisor of Dongfeng Company China Dongfeng Automobile Industry Import and Export Co., Ltd., is suspected of serious violation of discipline and the law, and is currently under disciplinary examination and supervision investigation by the discipline Inspection Commission of Dongfeng Company and Xianan District Supervisory Committee of Xianning City, Hubei Province. According to the data, Pan Jiannian is Dongfeng Motor.

  • Xiaopeng G6 official reduced 10,000 yuan!

    AutoBeta( 04/11 Report-- On April 11, Xiaopeng announced that its medium-sized SUV Xiaopeng G6 brand new 580 long-range Plus model has been officially put on the market, with an official guiding price of 199900 yuan and a time-limited discount price of 179900 yuan from now until April 30. Compared with the current Xiaopeng G6 entry model, the new car

  • Zhiji car issued a report letter!

    AutoBeta( 04/11 Report-- Zhiji posted a "report letter" on its official Weibo at noon on April 11. In the "report letter", Zhiji said it had suffered organized cyber violence and traffic bullying since April 9, and hoped that the relevant authorities would severely punish the organized cyber violence. The cause of the incident and the launch of Zhiji's new L6 car

  • March sales of new energy vehicle manufacturers: ideal beyond the boundary

    AutoBeta( 04/11 Report-- According to the latest retail sales data of the Federation of passengers, retail sales in the domestic narrow passenger car market in March were 2.192 million, down 10.9 percent from the same period last year, up 71.9 percent from the previous month, of which 709000 new energy vehicles were sold, up 29.5 percent from the same period last year and 89.5 percent from the previous year. In addition, 1-

  • Seriously insolvent! Leisurely car thunder

    AutoBeta( 04/11 Report-- Another new force explodes! On April 9, Youyao posted a letter to shareholders on the social platform, in which employees exposed the current operating crisis and a series of recent serious problems in thousands of words. Ludi, chairman of Youyao Motor, and he Jianghao, chief financial officer (hereinafter referred to as management), according to the letter to shareholders.

  • Known as crushing Q7, X5! Full new generation Touguan L release

    AutoBeta( 04/11 Report-- On April 10, SAIC-Volkswagen's new medium-sized SUV-- Tuguan L PRO officially unveiled three equipped models, including 300TSI/330TSI two-wheel drive and 380 TSI four-wheel drive. It is understood that the new Tuguan L Pro is based on Volkswagen MQB Ev.

  • DPCA major personnel adjustment!

    AutoBeta( 04/11 Report-- On April 9, Shenlong Automobile Co., Ltd. held a cadre meeting, and Zheng Hongyi, head of the Organization Department of the Party Committee of Dongfeng Company, announced the decision to adjust the members of the leading group of DPCA. The meeting decided that Chen Bin will no longer hold the post of party committee secretary of Shenlong Automobile Co., Ltd., and Zhou Wei will no longer serve as deputy secretary and party committee of Shenlong Automobile Co., Ltd.

  • A new style! New Mercedes-Benz EQS released

    AutoBeta( 04/11 Report-- The new EQS made its global debut on April 11, Beijing time. As a modified model, the new car has been upgraded for appearance, interior and power system, and the overall shape is more high-end atmosphere. In appearance, the new car removes the closed all-sky grille design and changes to the traditional Mercedes-Benz style, which looks more like fuel.

  • Xiaomi car sales announcement!

    AutoBeta( 04/10 Report-- Terminal sales came out in the first week of April (4.01-4.07). Due to the Qingming Festival holiday, the major car companies are greatly reducing their sales. Judging from the sales list of new energy brands in the Chinese market, BYD still ranks first in sales, topping the list with 44368 vehicles, and is the only brand with more than 10,000 sales. Wuling Motor.

  • Toyota cooperates with Huawei? Official: no comment

    AutoBeta( 04/10 Report-- Japanese automaker Toyota Motor may work with Huawei to create a smart driving program, according to several media reports. On April 7, the car blogger Sun Shaojun 09 revealed on Weibo that one of the three major Japanese brands (Toyota, Honda and Nissan) would be connected to Huawei, but the blogger did not disclose which brand.


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