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  • Surpass BMW Audi for the first time! Weekly sales of ideal cars announced

    AutoBeta( 06/13 Report-- Terminal sales are released in the 23rd week of 2024 (6.3-6.9). Judging from the list of brand sales of new energy vehicles in China, BYD undoubtedly ranked first in sales, topping the list with 52800 vehicles, followed by Tesla and ideal cars at 12000 and 10900 respectively.

  • Demand the return of 1.9 billion of the subsidy! Evergrande was ordered to stop production and sales.

    AutoBeta( 06/13 Report-- On the evening of June 11, Evergrande announced on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange that the relevant subsidiaries had recently received further administrative decisions issued by the relevant local administrative departments. The announcement said that the relevant local administrative departments considered that because the relevant subsidiaries failed to perform their contractual obligations in accordance with the terms of the relevant agreement (mainly including failure to comply with the agreed time limit

  • Guan Xuan! Personnel change of Dongfeng Automobile

    AutoBeta( 06/13 Report-- On June 11, according to the official website of Dongfeng Company, Dongfeng Motor once again ushered in personnel changes. From the official leadership team structure chart, we can see that the leading group of Dongfeng Automobile Group has added two more people, Liu Yanhong, director and deputy secretary of the party committee of Dongfeng Automobile Group Co., Ltd., and the deputy of Dongfeng Automobile Group Co., Ltd.

  • Do it again! Selis official announced the acquisition of 55% stake

    AutoBeta( 06/13 Report-- Today, Selis issued a notice saying that the company reviewed and passed the "motion on Chongqing Selis Electric vehicle Co., Ltd." Chongqing Cyrus Electric vehicle Co., Ltd., owned by Chongqing Jingyun Chuangfu Enterprise Management Co., Ltd., Chongqing Saixin Private Equity Investment Fund Partnership (Limited Partnership), will be acquired in accordance with the agreement.

  • Going out to sea is blocked again! Turkey announces 40% tariff on Chinese car imports

    AutoBeta( 06/13 Report-- Turkey has decided to impose an additional tariff of at least US $7000 per car imported from China, according to a presidential decision released by Turkey's Ministry of Trade, which will come into effect on July 7. The Turkish Ministry of Trade explained in an official statement that 4.

  • The May sales list of domestic manufacturers has been released!

    AutoBeta( 06/11 Report-- According to data released by the Federation of passengers on June 11, retail sales in the passenger car market in May 2024 were 1.71 million, down 1.9 per cent from a year earlier, up 11.4 per cent from a month earlier, and cumulative retail sales from January to May in 2024 were 8.073 million, up 5.7 per cent from a year earlier. Retail sales from manufacturers

  • The owner of the ideal mega revealed that his account was locked in the official response.

    AutoBeta( 06/11 Report-- Recently, a netizen posted on the social platform that his ideal car account was locked, making it impossible to operate his own vehicle. At the same time, a screenshot was sent about the account being locked by the community administrator and unable to log in. The car owner said that the car he bought was fully purchased and that he had not released it.

  • Dongfeng Group sales announcement! Dongfeng Honda is down 30% from a year earlier.

    AutoBeta( 06/11 Report-- On June 11, Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Dongfeng Group") released sales figures for May and January-May 2024. Data show that in May 2024, Dongfeng Group sold 147206 vehicles, down 13% from last year to 811921 vehicles from January to May.

  • Xiaopeng M03! Naming of the first model of Xiaopeng MONA

    AutoBeta( 06/11 Report-- Today, Xiaopeng's new brand MONA officially announced that its first model is named Xiaopeng M03. At the same time, pictures of the first MONA model were also unveiled. As for the naming of the first model of the new brand, Xiaopeng Automobile officials then forwarded the blog post and commented: surprise after the holiday, MONA

  • Guan Xuan! SUV "Wisdom R7", the first sedan in intellectual circles, was announced.

    AutoBeta( 06/11 Report-- On the morning of June 11, Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei, chairman of Terminal BG and chairman of smart car solution BU, announced on Weibo that the Hongmeng Zhijie brand will launch its first sedan SUV, a new car named Zhijie R7, which will be built jointly by Huawei and Chery as the second model of the Zhijie brand. Yu Chengdong

  • 2.45 million! Car export sales soar

    AutoBeta( 06/10 Report-- After surpassing Japan to become the number one in the world for the first time, the growth of China's automobile exports remains strong in 2024. According to the latest data released by the General Administration of Customs, China's car exports maintained a high growth from January to May this year. According to statistics, China's exports of mechanical and electrical products in the first five months were 5.87 trillion yuan, an increase of 7.9%, accounting for the total export volume.

  • Revenue and sales fell, and it was revealed that Porsche was asked to slow down electrification

    AutoBeta( 06/10 Report-- According to foreign media reports, Porsche shareholders have called for a slowdown in the pace of electrification as the slowdown in the global electric vehicle market threatens Porsche's sales and profits. In addition, investors pointed out that at a time when Porsche was trying to make major changes to its product line, its sales in China fell and there were problems with parts procurement.

  • Break the rules! Honda Mazda headquarters checked

    AutoBeta( 06/10 Report-- According to a number of media reports, including the Japan Broadcasting Association (NHK), Kyodo News and CCTV News, on June 10, local time, in response to serious irregularities such as data fraud involving security, Japan's Ministry of Land and Transport, in accordance with the Road Transport vehicle Law, directed Honda's headquarters in the Tokyo port area and Hiroshima Prefecture.

  • Another electric car company goes down!

    AutoBeta( 06/10 Report-- On June 8th, German star electric car company Next.e.GO Mobile (hereinafter referred to as "e.GO") announced the formal suspension of business operations. At this point, another new force in car-building fell down. Data show that e.GO was founded in 2015, almost in line with most of the new car-building forces in China.


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