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Accelerate the layout of new energy products, how does Dongfeng Honda transform under quality?

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Under the trend of the transformation of the global automobile market, more and more automobile companies have been speeding up the electric layout. However, as the development of new energy vehicles is not long, how to control the quality has become the standard of car companies, especially in the market of continuous pursuit of sales, and Dongfeng Honda seems to have done so.


Recently, Dongfeng Honda's latest sales results show that Dongfeng Honda sold 210121 vehicles in the first quarter of 2021, a record high compared with the same period last year, of which 30776 motorized products accounted for 14.65%.

The increase in sales and the increase in the proportion of electrified products reflect that Dongfeng Honda has been able to maintain a good pace of recovery and strengthen the layout of new areas under the severe impact.

As we all know, in 2020, the special year, the COVID-19 epidemic affected the entire Chinese automobile industry. Dongfeng Honda, as the most affected car company, stopped production for more than half a year. In spite of this, Dongfeng Honda still returned to normal production capacity in the second half of 2020, and ensured that its cumulative sales for the whole year became regular, achieving an excellent report card of 6% year-on-year growth and annual sales of 850000 vehicles, reaching an all-time high since the establishment of the enterprise. Dongfeng Honda's cumulative sales have exceeded 6 million, which shows that the Honda brand has continued the upward trend with its good reputation.

Judging from the development law of 400000 vehicles broken for the first time in 2015, 700000 vehicles in 2017 and 850000 vehicles in 2020, Dongfeng Honda's "annual production and sales target of one million vehicles in 2023" set in 2019 may be achieved ahead of schedule.


The growth of sales against the trend is inseparable from the support of strong product force. In terms of specific models, Dongfeng Honda blossomed more than once. In 2020, Honda's cumulative CR-V sales reached 249983, and the cumulative number of car owners has exceeded 2.2 million, which makes Dongfeng Honda CR-V continue to be the first joint venture brand in the domestic SUV field. Entering 2021, CR-V is still off to a good start, with a total sales of 72973 vehicles in the first quarter, keeping the market champion of joint venture SUV for three months in a row.

In addition, the Honda Civic, also a brand star, sold 245126 vehicles in 2020, exceeding 20, 000 for eight consecutive months and 30, 000 in December. With annual sales of 168272 XR-V, Honda is the absolute benchmark in the small SUV market. In addition, INSPIRE sold 55170 vehicles for the whole year; Ericsson sold 44513 vehicles for the whole year; Honda sold 44751 vehicles for the whole year; and Honda UR-V sold 29260 vehicles for the whole year, maintaining its edge in all segments.


Being able to achieve a good reputation of the brand benefits from Dongfeng Honda's strict control of quality. Dongfeng Honda, which has been ploughing deeply in the domestic market for 17 years, has always regarded quality as the foundation of enterprise survival. As early as November 2004, Dongfeng Honda has passed the ISO9001:2000 international standard (quality management system) certification. After more than a decade, Dongfeng Honda has been constantly improving and improving its car manufacturing standards, and strive to always be in the high standards in the industry.

Since its establishment 17 years ago, Dongfeng Honda has formed a total quality management system in the whole value chain from R & D, procurement, vehicle manufacturing to after-sale. And set up the domestic leading engine laboratory, emission laboratory, vehicle laboratory and advanced vehicle ex-factory quality assurance testing line. It is reported that Dongfeng Honda's three factories in China have a complete set of production lines such as stamping, welding, synthetic resin, painting, engine casting, machining, transmission shaft, engine assembly and automobile assembly. In order to ensure that every link of product production is standardized and reliable, all production lines adopt advanced equipment with high intelligence and high precision. Among them, the second factory has the first automatic lifting platform in the world, which not only greatly improves the production efficiency, but also reduces the labor intensity of workers.


The advanced production line enables all products to achieve a unified high standard of technology to the greatest extent. For example, in terms of body safety, Honda FUNTEC technology is widely used in vehicle production, and the unique ACE safety body structure is used, and the crew cabin is made of high-strength steel, which greatly improves the safety performance of vehicles produced by Dongfeng Honda. This is also the reason why the safety performance of CR-V, Civic and other models has always been a benchmark in the industry.

In terms of quality management, Dongfeng Honda's manufacturing process is strictly checked and does not let go of any quality problems. From R & D, procurement, vehicle manufacturing to after-sales enterprise whole value chain, Dongfeng Honda has established a total quality management system. Dongfeng Honda firmly implements the "three noes" principle of "no reception, no manufacturing, no outflow", establishes a unique "inspection technician" system, and comprehensively examines product quality from the point of view of consumers. to ensure that the final delivery to consumers are high-quality products.

Thanks to such efficiency and management system, Dongfeng Honda can speed up the layout of the new energy field. In this regard, at the 19th Shanghai International Automotive Industry Exhibition, Dongfeng Honda Motor Co., Ltd. with all its electric models was unveiled at Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center Hall 8.2.


Quality builds trust. During the 17 years since its establishment, Dongfeng Honda has achieved an amazing achievement of selling 850000 vehicles in 2020 by virtue of its pursuit of quality and precise control of the market, user-centered, attentively close to customers, and finally withstanding various tests. With the acceleration of Dongfeng Honda in the field of new energy, it is believed that it can once again help the brand to achieve better results.

Since 2003, Dongfeng Honda has been able to gain the trust of more consumers and achieve positive sales in 2020 under adversity, which is inseparable from its own strong product strength. Now, continue to enhance the comprehensive strength of the brand, continue to shine in the market, will be the new direction of Dongfeng Honda.

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