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Audi TT may stop production and replace it with electric cars?

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With the causes of environmental pollution and the development trend of the industry, cars with internal combustion engines will be gradually eliminated in the future. In order to keep up with the era of environmental protection, many car factories have to be electrified. That's all for an Audi.

At yesterday's Audi shareholders' meeting, Audi Chairman Bram Schot said looking to the future: Audi TT may be discontinued and will be replaced by a sports version of the electric car to be launched.


As one of Audi's most iconic models in the past 20 years. Although the model only officially entered the market in 1998, it was very different from other Audi models as early as 1995 because of its minimalist design.

Now Audi has confirmed that the TT will be replaced by an electric car. But Bram Schot says the new model will not compromise consumers with less fun to drive. Instead, it allows consumers to buy electric cars that have the same fun to drive at the same price. The model will be based on the Volkswagen MEB platform.


With the decline in TT sales and the continuous implementation of Audi electrification, it is expected that the current TT will be discontinued, which will also accelerate the development of Audi brand in the electrification field.

In addition, according to Audi's official plans for future products, more than 20 new energy models will be launched by 2025, 20 of which will be pure electric models. Audi will aim to sell 1 million pure electric and plug-in hybrid models.

Electric cars are the trend of the future, and of course, it also involves the requirements of various countries for environmental protection laws and regulations. Perhaps car fans have to adapt slowly. During the transition period, I believe that car manufacturers will also make corresponding ideas, such as simulating engine noise, so that everyone still has the fun of driving.

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