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Ranking of new energy sales in April 2023

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Ranking of new energy sales in April 2023

Watchmaking: automotive industry concern data source: FIFA retail ranking car subordinate brands cumulative sales in April 1 Qin PLUS BYD 399511191902 Dolphin BYD 29961979123 PLUS 28931914594Model Y Tesla 267601214075 Song PLUS New Energy BYD 245801274066AION Y Eian 21065521207AION S EAnn 19569678798 Hongguang MINIEV Wuling 18086879289 Wuling colorful Wuling 150111832210 Han BYD 147145253111Model 3 Tesla 131965597812 Tang New Energy BYD 122464477113 Panda mini Geely 106152782614 ideal L7li Want to car 104861818815 momentum D9 frigate 07 BYD 100422796917 Song Pro New Energy BYD 84274701618 Changan Lumin car 76433167619 Euler Cat 70971463520 ideal car 68872740221 Pole Krypton 001 Pole Krypton 64631893522 Seal BYD 63232589623Zero running car 61461143824 ideal car 60822720825 Deep Blue SL03 car 60282483626 destroyer 05 BYD 51331888527 Red Flag E-QM5 Red Flag E-QM5 Red Flag which car 472714329 # 1smart43901708731 42932299632QQ Ice Cream Chery New Energy 42531407433 BMW iX3 42021318834 Xiaopeng P7 Xiaopeng 40641041035 Nana car 38211090136ID.4 X Volkswagen 3601711937 ID.3 Volkswagen 3523929038 Dongfeng God E70 Dog New Energy Harvard 3183644640 BMW i3 BMW 30851283241 Geely Geometry 3039932942 Geely Geely 3039932942 Buick 30339643 Beijing EU5 27111482544 Qin New Energy BYD 26961141245 Geely Geely E Geely Geely 2632708446 Ant Chery New Energy 2439747447 Toyota bZ3 2342263948 which "S" car 2237800849 ideal ONE ideal car 2226546750 Pentium NAT Pentium 2216583951 Audi Q4 e-tron 2002458052 Zhiji LS7 1930514653 Dreamer Lantu car 1711468754 Changan UNI-V Smart iDD 16783555 Xiaopeng 1654717456ID.4 CROZZ 1639607157 Pole Krypton 1638440058 Avita 11 Avita 1610726459 M5AITO1609893160zero running car 1454537961ID.6 CROZZ 1374345362 FREE Lantu car 1328376863 polar fox ARCFOX α SARCFOX polar fox 1289299664 Qichen D60EV Qichen 1284747265 FAW bZ4X Toyota 1205427066 Feifan F7 F7 Mercedes-Benz 1151177868 Passat New Energy Volkswagen 11443826690 run C01126241870 nm BOX Dongfeng EV 1120550671 dazzling Pro EV Kai wing 1081344472 Lanshan Wei brand 1050105073 Geely Geometry 104191474 Maiteng GTE Volkswagen 1002640075 Guojin 1000500076 Xiao Peng G9 Xiaopeng 9255677 Lingbao Lingbao Car 902377378 Changan Auchan Z6 Z6 iDD Changan Auchan 889224479ID.6 X Volkswagen 876169180 Coreway CLEVER Roewe 855380581 M7AITO828512182 Lingzhi M5EV Dongfeng Vogue 828155283 NIO ES7 809397984 Wuling Kaijie Wuling 789334785 EV6 Skyworth car 775202786 Polar Fox ARCFOX α TARCFOX Latte DHT-PHEV Wei 743350588 Patrol Chevrolet 719186889 Buick E5 Buick 71371390 Hao Flower Fairy Sihao 657182691 Ulay ET7 652256092 collar 09 New Energy collar 637209593 BMW 5 Series New Energy BMW 619321794 Roewe i6 MAX New Energy Roewe 615327795 Honda CR-V 603270596 SF5SERES Cyrus 60075497 Mocha DHT-PHEV 582103198 Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz 58293299 Guangzhou Automobile Toyota 5722301100 Haoying New Energy Honda 5572177101 Euler Lightning Cat 5174477102 Changan UNI-K Smart Electric iDD 5002078103ARIYA Ariya Nissan 495955104 Blue E5 Blue 483733105 Maple Leaf 80v Ruilan 4811399106 Eula Ballet Euler 472915107 Volvo New Energy Volvo Wo 4601681108 Audi Q5 e-tron 455899109 Touguan L New Energy Volkswagen 4391678110 Arena ES8 4391358111 Xiaopeng G3 Xiaopeng 4362619112 Dihao New Energy Geely 4307422113 Skyworth HT-i Skyworth 4222219114e:NP1 3991267116 Geely Geometry C Geely geometry 3961939117 Baojun 3802260118 Roewe Ei5 3802250119AION V Eian 3701283120 Wuling Air ev clear sky Wuling 36227121 Exploration GTE Volkswagen 3601601122 Geely Geometry M6 Geely Geometry 3511145123 Special electric horse Ford 332702124MG MULANMG 3303519125 Yuanzhi M1 Universiade 3241081126 yuan Bao made 3001538127 Lantu Yuanguang Lantu car 300566128 BYD e2 BYD 292292129 Lecker 06 New Energy Lecker 259592130 S50EV Dongfeng 2541042131 Roewe RX5 2411245132 MINIEV Dongfeng 2371375133 Volvo S90 New Energy Volvo 2281164134 Mercedes-Benz C-Class New Energy Mercedes-Benz 2271274135 Audi A6L New Energy Audi 2141306136BYD e3 BYD 212212137MAXUS everyone MIFA 9 205691138 Lingbao EC7 EC7 197200139MAXUS EUNIQ 5 SAIC Chase 195488140 Volvo New Energy Volvo 1881417141 Lingbao Uni Lingbao car 1781141142YOUNG Light New Electric House 176965143 Lingbao ES6 1744747144 Roewe iMAX8 EV Roewe 168864145 Ruifeng E3 Jianghuai Ruifeng 148215146 co-creation of 144508147 Star Yue L extended range Electric version Geely 142841148 Lingke 05 New Energy Leader 137237149 New Energy 136369150 Red Flag E-HS9 Honda e:NS1 1312546152 Discovery Movement Version of New Energy Land Rover 108418153 range Rover Aurora New Energy Land Rover 107421154 Tiger FEV Tiger 104393155 Volvo C40 Volvo C40 Volvo 1033715157 Feifan R7 Feifan 1001303158 Skyline ME5 100359159 come to EC6 LEC 01 New Energy LEC 91593161 hippocampus New Energy 89284162 Harvard H6 New Energy Harvard 852606163 Guangzhou Automobile Toyota iA5 GAC GROUP 81310164 Zhiji L7 Smart car 79628165LYRIQ Cadillac 69988166 Xiao Linjiang Ling Group New Energy 67288167 Chuanqi E9 GAC MOTOR 6565168RAV4 released double Rocks E+ Toyota 60266169 Yi Jiangling Group New Energy 601031170 Fukang ES600 Dongfeng Fukang 493171 Wellanda New Energy Toyota 48220172 Mercedes-Benz EQE 481488173e Elysee Dongfeng Fukang 44379174 rushed to E-Star Changan car 424739175 Audi e-tron 27128176 BYD D1 26144177 figure pure electric Hyundai 2324178 Volvo S60 New Energy Volvo 23136179 Carola double Rock E21382180 easy to EV3 Jiangling Group New Energy 19185181 Guangzhou Automobile Honda VE-1 concept 1873182 Qichen T60EV Dongfeng Nissan Qichen 17911183 Star chasing Wind PHEV 1720184 scenery E380 East Wind 1782185 Jiaji New Energy Geely 1747186 Mazda CX-30 EV 1646187 AiBenz U5 1694188 Audi Q2L e-tron 1458189 Mercedes-Benz E-Class New Energy Mercedes-Benz 136010190 scenery E3 East Wind 1029191AION LX 838192 6 New Energy MG 776193 Energy 58194 Yize IZOA E into Toyota 550195 Atuco AIRTREK Mitsubishi 5183196 Hechuang 007 Hechuang 416197MG leading new energy MG 4129198DS 9 new energy DS420199 Changan CS75 PLUS iDD 380200 light blue 7 Buick 365201 Aichi U6 Aichi 317202 Toyota C-HR EV Toyota 210203 scenery E1 Dongfeng 230204 Feifan MARVEL R 1284205 adventurer Lincoln 111206 Asia K3 new energy Kia 18

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