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The Lexus LM is an "imported" model in Japan, with a price of 25.8 million yen.

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Toyota is the largest automaker in Japan, and Lexus is a high-end brand under the brand, which means that Lexus is a local Japanese brand. But a few days ago, it was reported that the latest flagship model under the Lexus brand, the LM, has become an "imported" model in Japan.


As we all know, as an imported brand in China, Lexus has always been sold in China with imported models, because Lexus currently has only six factories in four regions around the world, namely, the Kyushu factory in Japan, the pastoral factory, the Wonmachi factory, the Ontario factory and the American factory in Canada, and the recently opened Indian factory.

In other words, all Lexus models come from the above places of production, but according to Japanese media reports, Lexus's new flagship MPV model, the LM, has finally gone on sale in Japan for 25.8 million yen (1.6897 million yuan).


It is worth noting that it is reported that this model is not an official Lexus model, but a medium-sized Lexus model introduced by some Japanese importers from Taiwan through parallel import channels. Because there is still no official channel to sell this model in Japan, at the same time, it also means that because the car is a parallel imported model, there is no way to do maintenance and repair in the local Lexus regular sales store.

Precisely because this is a regular car, the steering wheel of the Lexus LM is on the left. Although the steering wheel of the road traffic environment in Japan is on the right, it is understood that there are no restrictions on the license plate of this car in Japan, but it is not suitable for the local region in terms of driving habits.

Although Lexus LM is currently quoted by parallel importers in Japan for 25.8 million yen, or about 1.68 million yuan (including tax), which is slightly lower than the guiding price of 1.466 million yuan for the four-seat Imperial edition on the domestic mainland market, because the price increase of Lexus is already a common phenomenon at home, it is still higher than the price of Japanese parallel imported models. However, according to the guidance price of this model in Taiwan is only 1.16 million yuan, equivalent to a premium of more than 500,000 yuan, the profit is still considerable.


Externally, the Lexus LM is based on the same platform as Toyota's Elfa and Wilfa, with the tough look of the Lexus family, and the huge spindle intake grille is Lexus family style and chrome-plated, looking domineering. From the side, although the overall shape of the new car is similar to that of Elfa and will, the side lines of the Z model are decorated with chrome plating, which further reveals the luxurious style.

The interior still maintains the usual design style of Lexus, offering black and black-and-white two-color matches. at the same time, you can choose a double row of four seats with partition, and the back row is designed for the big boss. equipped with 26-inch display screen, 14L car refrigerator, back touch function display, back seat massage and so on.


Although Lexus is a local brand, the Lexus LM, which is currently only available overseas, is still attractive to some local consumers. After all, as the new flagship MPV model of Lexus, its luxury and comfort is still "amazing", which can be regarded as one of the most luxurious models in the MPV market, otherwise no parallel importer would be willing to introduce the model all the way. But for this local brand model Lexus LM, but through parallel imports to achieve resale in Japan, it is indeed a bit inconceivable.

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