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The latest development of the Mercedes-Benz oil spill: the two sides have reached a settlement in private, and industry and commerce have intervened in the investigation

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Recently, a video of the rights of a female Mercedes-Benz owner went viral on the Internet. The owner of a new 660000 Mercedes-Benz car leaked oil before it left the compound of the 4S store. The solution given by the 4S store is to change the engine for free. The car owner was forced to go to the 4S store to defend his rights.

New developments have been made in the Mercedes-Benz oil spill, and a private settlement has been reached with the car owners, according to the concerned West Amway Star Mercedes-Benz 4S store.

Shaanxi TV News reported that the incident happened on April 9, and the video was filmed for others, and the parties did not know about it. The public relations department of Xi'an Lizhixing Mercedes-Benz 4S store has responded that they are inconvenient to respond to the matter at the request of the parties, but they have reached a settlement with the parties in private, and the parties are quite satisfied with the current handling results, but the contents of the handling results are not convenient to disclose to reporters.

In addition, the Western Electronic City Institute of Industry and Commerce of Xi'an Industrial and Commercial High-tech Branch has been involved in the investigation.

As can be seen in the popular "Mercedes-Benz oil spill" video, a car owner sits on the hood of a Mercedes-Benz 4S store and theorizes with the staff of the 4S store. The reason for safeguarding its rights is that the new Mercedes-Benz car leaked before it left the 4S store compound, and the solution offered by the 4S store is to change the engine for free.

It is reported that the owner bought a 660000 Mercedes-Benz at the 4S store of Xi'an Star Mercedes-Benz and informed the owner to pick up the car on March 27 after the down payment of 249000 yuan. When the owner picked up the car, he found that the car had problems such as engine leakage and abnormal dashboard. After that, the owner negotiated a refund with the 4S store, while the 4S store first promised a refund, then to change cars, and then to compensation. After the 7-day return period, the 4S store offered another set of plans to "change the engine for free".

The new car needs to change the engine before it leaves the 4S store compound, and the car owner feels unreasonable, and is worried that the price of the second-hand car will be affected in the future, so he can't negotiate with the 4S store. Finally, he went to the 4S store to sit on a Mercedes-Benz and talked with the staff.

It is understood that the owner of the car found engine oil leakage on the day of picking up the car, and then sent it to after-sale. As a result, it was released for 15 days, during which time "one kilometer has not been driven". The owner said that after finding the oil leak, the 4S store negotiated with the 4S store. At first, the 4S store promised a refund, but in the end it became a replacement engine. The owner said: "for the first time, he told me about the refund, that it was not convenient to change the car, and I promised that it was inconvenient to change the car. I also agreed to the compensation. What plan did you give me yesterday?" Change the engine for me according to the national three packages.

Obviously, the practice of the 4S store makes car owners feel that they are being tricked and that they can only change the engine without driving a kilometer of their new car, which is forced to accept three packages. According to the owner, a complaint has been made in the relevant departments before safeguarding the rights, but the other party has not accepted it and contacted the Mercedes-Benz manufacturer, but the manufacturer's reply is the same as the 4S store, according to the three-package method, you can only replace the engine.

The car owner claimed to be a graduate student and thought that such "protection of rights" was humiliating, but he was also forced to do nothing. As can be seen in the video, although the car owner was excited, the whole process was not opposed to bad words, and he even asked the shop assistants present whether such a solution was appropriate, and the audience accounts also shouted "inappropriate".

This rights protection video suddenly became popular on the Internet, netizens agreed that the woman in the video was educated, and netizens said bluntly: buy the authentic Mercedes-Benz.

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