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Another independent brand was born. Hanlong's first model is "domestic range Rover"?

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Zotye version of the "domestic Land Rover Range Rover" from the real car exposure so far spread for nearly two years, there has been no mass production listed news, now the car finally officially unveiled, but will not be launched as the infamous Zotye car identity, but under the "Hanlong car" this new brand.


Hubei Daye Hanlong Automobile Co., Ltd. was founded in January 2016 and is headquartered in Daye City, Hubei Province, according to official sources. It is a modern new energy automobile parts manufacturer integrating new energy automobile design, development, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service. It is also a professional manufacturer of automobile engine products, parts supporting system products and automobile maintenance.

According to the data, the total investment of the first phase of the automobile manufacturing project of Daye Branch of Zhejiang Zhongtai Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was RMB 6 billion yuan. The construction was officially started in March 2016. The planned production capacity of the first phase was 100,000 vehicles/year. The manufacturing base was also named "Hanlong Automobile". On July 1,2017, in Hubei Daye Hanlong Automobile Assembly Workshop, Hanlong Company's first complete vehicle was rolled off the assembly line, which was a Zotye brand model. This means that before the Hanlong brand officially goes to market, the factory will continue to be "OEM" for Zotye.


In other words, Zhongtai Automobile, a subsidiary of Tieniu Group, currently has three automobile brands including Zhongtai, Hanteng and Junma, and Hanlong will be another brand-new brand.

Hanlong's first SUV model is named "Chuangshi", which is positioned as a large SUV in the market and has a similar appearance design to Land Rover Range Rover. In terms of power, the car is equipped with 2.0T and 8AT power combination, and equipped with four-wheel drive system. The new car is expected to launch in the third quarter.


From the appearance point of view, Hanlong Quang Shi as a whole draws lessons from the design elements of Land Rover Range Rover. Founder's modeling, the front face adopts a large mouth air intake grille design, the interior is equipped with thick banner decoration, and extends to both sides of the light group. From the side, the A/B/C/D pillars are painted black to create a suspended roof visual effect. In this way, there is also the shadow of Zotye T series SUV.



In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4985/1995/1819mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2997 mm. At the same time, it will be available in 255/55 R20 or 275/45 R21 tire size. In terms of power, Hanlong Kuangshi is equipped with a 2.0T engine model TN4A20TDZ produced by Hubei Daye Hanlong Engine Co., Ltd., with a maximum power of 218 hp (160 kW) and a gearbox of 8AT. In addition, the car also adopts the layout of front rear drive or timely four-wheel drive.

Zotye Automobile tasted the sweetness on the road of "imitation", launching some "high-value" products such as T600, SR9 and Damai X7, and its sales volume soared to a peak of 320,000 vehicles in 2016. With the changes in the market, imitation has become unpopular, product quality, word-of-mouth and so on gradually occupy the mainstream of consumption, Zotye also lost the sales performance of continuous growth.

The new brand has become another market strategy of Zotye. On May 9, 2016, Hanteng Automobile brand was officially released. At present, it has X5, X7 and other products and new energy products. In 2018, the cumulative sales volume of Hanteng brand was 62,020 vehicles, an increase of 284% year-on-year. Junma Automobile was founded in June 2017, which is also an independently operated automobile brand under Zotye Group. When it was founded, Junma put forward a plan to promote 9 new cars in 3 years, but now its products are stagnant.

Hanlong Automobile, another Chinese brand was born. In today's continuously depressed domestic market environment, independent brands are facing reshuffle. Will Hanlong succeed in obtaining market recognition?

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