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All of a sudden! A Tesla in Dongguan was suspected of getting out of control and crashed into multiple cars and destroyed the shop door.

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A # Tesla suspected of getting out of control and crashing into multiple cars crashed into the store door # news quickly rushed to the hot search list of Weibo.


According to electric shock news and other media reports, on March 4, a Tesla was suspected to be out of control in a traffic accident in Chigang, Humen, Dongguan, Guangdong. After crashing into a BMW, he crushed a Toyota under the car and finally broke through the door of a shop facing the street. two people were injured in the accident. The police immediately arrived at the scene to ascertain the situation.


From the online video, the scene of the accident was a mess, and the front cover of the Toyota SUV model that was hit was completely deformed.

Dongguan Humen traffic police brigade on duty responded: "the accident is being dealt with." As of press time, the specific causes of the accident and injuries are not clear, the specific need to wait for official notification.

At present, Tesla officials have not responded to the above accident.

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