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Here comes Honda's first mixed-in car! This is no ordinary CR-V.

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With the gradual development of the era of automobile consumption to high quality, excellent product strength can be recognized by consumers, more comfortable driving experience and more worry-free product experience, more in line with consumer choice, coupled with the transformation of the market electrification direction, therefore, Honda has brought a new power of the CR-V model.


As we all know, the Honda CR-V is very important for Honda. As one of the protagonists of the Honda brand in China, with its outstanding product strength, it contributes huge sales to Honda every year, stands in the forefront of the domestic SUV market for many years, and achieves a cumulative sales of 250000 vehicles in 2020, winning the annual sales title of the joint venture SUV, which shows that this model is of great significance to Honda.

On this basis, Honda launched its first plug-in hybrid model, which is also to meet the needs of consumers for new energy models. Taking the CR-V as the first mixed-in model is not a trial for Honda, but more for Honda to enable consumers who choose enthusiastic CR-V models to get more driving experience and enrich their choices.

At present, CR-V has become the first city SUV to cover "fuel, hybrid and plug-in" power systems, while Dongfeng Honda has also become a rare car brand in the industry covering four power systems: "fuel, pure electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrid".


There is not much change in the appearance of the new car brought by Honda this time. After all, this model focuses on the core plug-in technology of the brand, and at the same time, consumers will not feel that Honda has a "differential treatment" between mixed models and ordinary models. As a result, the new car is basically the same as the CR-V hybrid, with only slight differences in details, such as adding a personalized logo to identify your new car.

The new CR-V sharp hybrid e + model has a total of smart version, Rui Chi version and Ruiya version of three models, manufacturer guidance price of 27.38-299800, and has been on the market on February 2nd.


The plug-in hybrid equipped with CR-V sharp hybrid e+ is developed on the basis of high efficiency dual-motor i-MMD hybrid power system. The maximum power of 2.0L Atkinson cycle engine is 107kW, the maximum torque is 175N ·m, and the maximum power of motor is 135kW, the maximum torque is 315N ·m. Provide EV Drive Mode pure electric drive mode, Hybrid Drive Mode hybrid drive mode, Engine Drive Mode engine drive mode, switch between multiple modes at will, and match E-CVT dual-motor gearbox, comprehensive fuel consumption is 1.3L/100km, pure electric mileage reaches 85km, so that users can travel more economically and conveniently. From the actual use effect, CR-V sharp hybrid e + can have infinitely close to the performance of pure electric vehicles.

At the same time, with the cooperation of the E-CVT continuously variable transmission, the fuel consumption of the model is only 1.3 liters per 100 kilometers, the fuel economy is very high, and the maximum mileage of the car can reach 85 kilometers in the pure electric state, so there is no problem for commuting.


Although many friends feel that the starting price of 273800 yuan is overpriced on the CR-V sharp mix e+, but from the configuration point of view, the entry-level wise version is also readily available, almost able to give consumers value for money to enjoy, can fully meet the car needs of the vast majority of consumers.

As a more advanced positioning model, CR-V sharp hybrid e+ not only focuses on improving the technology configuration level of the vehicle, but also has more advantages than competitive models in pure electric battery life and configuration. After all, equipped with Honda world-leading SPORT HYBRID e + system, the new high-capacity, high-output IPU intelligent power unit, to achieve a longer range of pure electric mileage, to bring users infinitely close to the EV driving experience.

From SPORT HYBRID to SPORT HYBRID ethereal CR-V V, as the industry benchmark, it is always the leader in realizing the latest technology and power system. The plug-in hybrid version of CRMI will serve as the flagship version of CR-V to provide users with more technological experience and further meet the multiple needs of their mobile life.


Honda CR-V, as a car model that has been in China for many years, has reflected its product strength and product value through fuel models. For consumers affected by traffic restrictions and purchase restrictions, the CR-V sharp hybrid e + which can be directly on the new energy license is undoubtedly the focus of consumers' attention. And its entry-level version of the two models are also to meet budget constraints and pay attention to cost-effective customers, while the top model is more in line with the pursuit of life consumers to achieve a richer driving experience.

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