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The internal purchase price of SAIC employees is exposed, with a maximum discount of 40%.

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For a long time, many consumers will wonder what the internal purchase price for employees is, and whether it will be much lower than the end-market price. With such doubts, let's take a look at the purchase prices of internal employees of SAIC, the largest automobile group in China.

Recently, SAIC announced an employee car purchase plan, and employee-available brands basically cover SAIC's passenger car brands, including Buick, Volkswagen, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Skoda, Roewe, Wuling and so on. SAIC employees directly reduce the price of cars by tens of thousands to more than a hundred thousand, with a maximum discount of 6.5%.

SAIC employees buy SAIC GM Buick, Chevrolet and Cadillac brands with a big price reduction, basically at a discount of more than 30%.

For example, the "Ankewei", the main model of the Buick brand, has a direct price reduction of 65000-72000 yuan; the B-class "Regal" has an average price reduction of nearly 50, 000, and the employee price of the sub-low-end model is less than 140000. In addition, the biggest price reduction is the LaCrosse, with a maximum drop of 80,000. The rest of the A-class cars are simply diving prices, with the biggest price reduction, basically at a 40% discount.



The market terminal of luxury brand Cadillac has been cutting prices by a large margin compared with other competing brands, basically at a discount of 6.5-20%. Among the internal employee prices of SAIC, ATS-L has the largest price reduction, with a direct drop of 100000, and the main equipped models are all less than 200000, which is basically the same as the B-class car of the ordinary joint venture brand, and may be lower than the real market price.

It can be seen that the car models provided by SAIC GM to all SAIC employees are all "national five" versions, which can be understood to a certain extent to rely on internal employees to clean up the inventory of national five emission models. Some cities will formally implement the sixth national emission standard on July 1 this year.

The internal price of SAIC Volkswagen to all SAIC employees is relatively strong, offering a discount of only 12% / 20% on the basis of the original manufacturer's guidance price, including national five / national six models. For example, employees can get a discount of 8.2% for Lanya, 20% for Tuan L, 8.5% for Passat, and 8% for Tuguan L, etc. In addition, the discount intensity of Skoda brand is basically the same as that of Volkswagen, with a drop of 15%.

According to reports, the internal employee purchase prices offered by SAIC's vehicle enterprise brands include additional employee-specific concessions, such as a 5% discount on SAIC GM's models, and the price that employees may get is even lower than the dealer's rock bottom price. But there are also some models that are about the same as the market price.

It is worth noting that generally, when you buy a car in a 4S store, you are forced to pay a license service fee, buy insurance, choose a loan, and there will be a financial service fee, and so on. The profit of this part of the fee is earned by the 4S store, so the actual price discount is not as big as you imagined. On the other hand, internal employees may mention naked cars directly.

Of course, the purchase prices of the above brands are limited to SAIC employees, and as others, we can only envy them. However, it is worth affirming that the price given above may be the dealer's rock bottom price.

In addition, when employees buy new cars from within, they generally have to sign the so-called "bundling agreement". Employees are not allowed to sell their cars within one to three years, and the internal regulations of different manufacturers will be different.

If automobile companies give their employees more favorable prices, they can not only clean up a small part of their inventory, but also make their employees feel the benefits. Maybe this is killing two birds with one stone.

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