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Claim 2 million! NIO sued Douyin for distorting the facts.

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On May 10, the official account of the Ministry of Justice issued the first content to sue "Automobile discipline" for distorting the facts and demanding a claim of 2 million yuan. This is the first post released by NIO since the official account of the Ministry of Justice was officially opened on May 8.


NIO said that recently, there have been a number of organized and large-scale malicious attacks on NIO and NIO users, as well as a large number of negative comments on the Internet with the same content and the same theme. These attempts to interfere with the normal operation of NIO, reduce the public's evaluation of NIO and NIO users, seriously mislead the public, greatly damage the legitimate rights and interests of NIO and users, and are suspected of seriously violating the relevant laws and regulations of the state. In view of the above situation, NIO is safeguarding its legitimate rights and interests through litigation and other means.

In the above content, the NIO legal Department mentioned the online account "Automobile discipline". NIO pointed out that "Automobile discipline" and its operator, Shanghai ladder Information Technology Co., Ltd., deliberately made false remarks and misled the public by comparing the price of foreign battery-free models with that of the whole vehicle containing batteries in its video, and carried out malicious hype by inciting national sentiment, slandering NIO and stepping on a handful of cars. In response, NIO has filed a lawsuit demanding an apology and compensation of 2 million yuan. In the course of the lawsuit, Auto Shiji continued to maliciously release videos that distort the facts and mislead the public through its account. In this regard, NIO has obtained evidence and sent it a letter from a lawyer asking for deletion and an apology.




On April 28th, the Big V "Automobile Service", which has more than 6.5 million Douyin followers, was sued by Lulai Automobile. According to related reports, NIO Motor claimed that "Automobile discipline" had spread online rumors and infringed on its reputation, so it asked the account to publicly apologize to it at the top of its home page and pay 2 million yuan in compensation. It is understood that on June 2, 2022, the Douyin account "Automobile Ji" uploaded a series of three videos, one of which was entitled "BYD and NIO, who is cutting leeks?" The video said: "NIO is very interesting. The price of ES8 is 47-630000 in China. How much is it when exported to Norway?" Equivalent to RMB 41-460000. " But at present, the content of this video can no longer be viewed.


According to Xilai, the video inappropriately compares the price of the domestic vehicle (battery purchase) of ES8 with the price of the ES8 BaaS model (battery rental service) sold in Norway, and deliberately ignores the fact that Norway is exempt from import duties and VAT on electric vehicles, misleading the public into thinking that Ulai treats domestic and foreign consumers differently and that it sells cheaply in Norway and is "cutting leeks" at home. The content of the video had a serious negative impact on the reputation of the NIO brand, and Auto Ji deliberately made an inappropriate comparison with the price of the Baas model (battery rental service), knowing that the NIO model had a full car price (buying batteries), rather than a work error. NIO said that NIO adopted a global pricing strategy, based on vehicle costs, combined with transportation costs, local taxes and operating costs and other factors to make appropriate adjustments, the basic price is basically the same at home and abroad.

Data show that the positioning of "Automobile discipline" in Douyin platform is a senior creator in the automotive field, and as of press time, the number of followers of "Automobile discipline" Douyin platform was 6.604 million.


On April 30, Auto Ji posted a video saying that the lawsuit against CJI actually began in June last year, but it was only made public today for two reasons: 1. This lawsuit is still in progress, is actively responding to the lawsuit, before the result, do not want to occupy too much network resources; 2. So far, this case has not been heard, but has already been heard. The court's recommendation is to let NIO settle with us out of court, but on April 28, a large number of press releases related to this lawsuit suddenly appeared on the Internet. And a large number of press releases have exactly the same title or even content, word for word. According to Cha Shiji, this seems to convey the false impression that Che Shiji has lost the case. Car Shiji said it did not think there was any rumor-mongering, so it has been actively responding to the lawsuit.


NIO in the "NIO legal Department" official account also indicated that it will continue to resolutely safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of NIO and users and safeguard the dignity of the law through legal means. At the same time, NIO also solicited from the outside world any information suspected of infringement, including the above-mentioned cases, or even suspected of accepting the interests of others or infringing on Lai or Lai users for its own illegal interests. At the same time, it said that for providers with legal effect and legal sources, which can be used to confirm infringement or even criminal evidence, Ulai will give corresponding rewards.

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