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Toyota is the big winner in the ranking of global automobile sales in 2022.

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A few days ago, the list of the world's best-selling models in 2022 was released. According to the list, two of the top three best-selling models in the world in 2022 are owned by Toyota, the best-selling model is the RAV4 (domestic Rongfang / Weilanda), with annual global sales of 1.0157 million, followed by Corolla (domestic Carola / Leiling), with global sales of 991600, but both models fell by 10 per cent year-on-year. According to relevant data, RAV4 accounts for 33%, 43% and 9% of sales in China, North America and Europe, while Corolla accounts for 53%, 22% and 6% respectively in the three major markets.

In addition to RAV4/Wildander and Corolla, Camry (domestic Camry), Hilux and Corolla Cross (domestic Carola Ruifang / Feng Landa) also appeared on the list, with the Corolla Cross up 221% to 530300 vehicles, while Camry fell 1% year on year.

The third-ranked model is Tesla Model Y, which sold 747500 vehicles in 2022, up 91 per cent from a year earlier. Or the Model 3 is slightly lukewarm because Model Y is so hot that it sold 482200 vehicles for the year, but fell 3 per cent year-on-year, with 47 per cent of sales coming from North America, 28 per cent from China and 19 per cent from Europe. These two models account for 95 per cent of Tesla's global sales in 2022.


In addition, Honda CR-V (domestic CR-V/ Haoying), Nissan Sylphy (corresponding to domestic Xuanyi) and Ford Fly150 are among the top 10 models. The global sales of the first two models are 733300 and 566500 respectively, while the latter is 525100. All three models are down from the same period last year, with the first two models falling by 18%, making it the biggest decline on the list.

Outside the top 10 list, overseas models are basically in sight, such as Honda Accord (domestic Accord / Yingshi), Honda Vezel (domestic XR-V/), Toyota Highlander, Honda Civic (domestic Civic) and Hyundai Elantra (domestic Elantra), but these models have basically declined, with Honda HR-V/XR-V/Vezel down 30% from the same period last year.

The two Chinese models made it into the top 20, with BYD Song PLUS up 210 per cent to 464700 and Wuling Hongguang MINIEV up 14 per cent to 443400. Foreign media believe that this mini electric vehicle has become a benchmark for China, the world's largest electric vehicle market, and its hot sales are related to the price of being close to the people, as well as the ideal travel solution for many Chinese consumers. In the top 50 models, another BYD Qin, BYD Han, Harvard H6 appeared, of which Harvard H6 fell 28% compared with the same period last year, while the other two models soared.


BYD Dolphin, which has greater potential in overseas markets, sold 205200 units in 2022, an increase of 916% over the same period last year. Also popular is BYD yuan plus (known as ATTO 3 overseas), which is now on the market in several countries and has sold 180600 cars in 2022.


If you just look at pure electric vehicles, the top five models sold in 2022 have been introduced, namely Model Y, Model 3, Wuling Hongguang MINEV, BYD Dolphin and BYD Yuan PLUS, followed by Volkswagen ID.4, BYD Qin, GAC AION Y, GAC AION S and BYD Han. Volkswagen ID.4 is the only overseas model on the list, with global sales of 175600 vehicles in 2022, an increase of 53% over the same period last year. Forty-seven percent of the sales came from China, 39 percent from Europe, and 13 percent from the United States and Canada.

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