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Change the front face! Declaration of the new Buick Regal

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With the Buick brand new family design language gradually promoted in the whole series of models, now this styling style has also come to the Regal model. A few days ago, "Automotive Industry concern" learned from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology that the new Regal will be replaced with a brand new front face design, with a design style similar to that of the new generation of LaCrosse, high-spirited and century.

It is understood that Regal was first born in the 1960s, was made domestically by SAIC General Motors in 2002, and has been upgraded six times by 2018. August 2020, the sixth generation of mid-term modified Regal listed, currently selling 2023 Regal guidance price range of 19.68-249800 yuan, the exposure of the new model can be regarded as the second major change of this generation of Regal.

According to the comprehensive declaration chart, the change of the new Regal is relatively obvious, the front face adopts a brand-new trapezoidal big mouth front grille, the details on both sides of the front bumper are also synchronously adjusted, and the horizontal chrome plating lines are used in the interior of the grill. both sides of the front face are also redesigned, but the modeling design of the headlight group is consistent with the current model. At the same time, the new Regal replaced the Buick brand with the latest styling logo, and the installation position of the logo was also transferred from the inside of the grille to the upper part of the front grille.



The rear part of the car has been adjusted to a certain extent compared with the current model, but the overall change is not great, mainly due to the replacement of the brand logo of the newly designed car, and because of this, the switch of the backup compartment cover may not be integrated with the tail mark as the 2023 models are on sale, so in the real car diagram, we can see that the new Junwei seems to have added a physical button switch of the backup compartment cover at the top of the tail mark.



In terms of power, from the exposure of the new Regal tail bid, it will continue to provide 1.5T and 2.0T engines. Unlike the 2023 models on sale, the new Regal will be rescheduled on behalf of the tail bid of the powertrain. Among them, the tail mark of 1.5T model is simplified from "552T" to "25T", and that of 2.0T model is simplified from "652T" to "28T". The new tail mark is similar to that of Cadillac. It is worth mentioning that there is no GS model in this declaration, whether it means that the Regal GS will be cancelled is unknown.


In the Chinese market, Regal's sales are not poor, with a total sales of 14979 vehicles from January to April 2023, ranking fourth in the Buick brand family, second to Buick GL8, Weilang and Ankewei. From the competitive point of view, Regal's competitors include Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Volkswagen Passat, Nissan Teana and other medium-sized cars, in contrast, sales are less than the above models, but the configuration is more conscientious, especially in terms of power, Regal is all 1.5T/2.0T+9AT gearbox, while Accord and Camry of the same level are still using CVT gearbox. As for whether the new model can help Buick Regal return to its sales peak, it still needs to be seen one step at a time.

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