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Baojun Yue also announced the official picture of the interior, and three modified models were unveiled.

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"Automotive Industry concern" noted that Wuling's first pure electric SUV "Baojun Yueya" interior map has been released, according to the plan, the new car will be officially launched on May 25.

According to the official interior map, the new car uses two main colors of black and white, of which black is a combination of physical black and functional green, and white is a combination of beach rice white and gun ash metal. The configuration adopts double screen layout, equipped with double 10.25-inch LCD instrument and central control screen to provide infotainment interaction, and the steering wheel adopts T-shaped style and game handle buttons. In terms of seat layout, the new car adopts a double-door four-seat design, and the interior space layout is optimized.

May 9, Baojun Automobile released the new LOGO, "Baojun Yue also" is the first mass production model equipped with the new LOGO. In terms of appearance, according to the previous official website, Baojun Yue is also styled mainly in square Zhenghe tough style, which is very similar to Suzuki Jimni as a whole. The front face adopts through-type narrow-banner black closed grille and is connected with the lamp groups on both sides. The LED headlamp is composed of four horizontal lamp groups with high recognition. Baojun Yue is also below the use of cross-country style of the front bumper shape, with the engine hatch uplift of the rib line, the visual impact is quite good. On the side of the body, Baojun Yue also uses off-road vehicle style elements and two-door four-seat design, the bottom is a wide wheel eyebrow design, the short body with wide wheel eyebrows look muscular. In terms of size, Baojun Yue is also 3381/1685/1721mm in length, width and height, and 2110mm in wheelbase. For comparison, the length, width and height of the Suzuki Jimni are 3550/1645/1720mm and the wheelbase is 2250mm. In the rear part, Baojun Yue also adopts the very popular hard off-road vehicle "square box + side door" styling design, the taillight group is longitudinal layout, the lighting shows a circular style, the back door is side open, and the rear encirclement also adopts broad cross-country style, which echoes with the front face, and the overall collocation is very coordinated. At the same time, Baojun Yue also launched with "Car-watch" DIY decoration, similar to the shape of a watch, through text, pictures, video and other ways to meet the social needs of users.

In terms of power, Baojun Yue also uses a rear drive, equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor, with a maximum power of 50 kilowatts and a peak torque of 140 Nm. In addition, Baojun Yue is also equipped with lithium iron phosphate battery with a range of 303 km.

In addition to the above ordinary models, on May 15, three modified versions of Baojun Yue were also exposed online, and the three modified models can be regarded as official modification ideas for consumers. From the exposure of the picture, the three modified models are basically modified in the ordinary version of the Yue also model, but in the detailed design, the three models are different in detail.

Specifically, the large outline of the front face of the new car still adopts the through-type narrow-strip front grille design and is connected with the light groups on both sides, with four-point LED daytime driving lights, and the cross-country style of the front bumper is adopted below, which is full of muscle feeling with the raised tendons of the engine hatch cover.


In the rear part, the new car also adopts the taillight group with longitudinal layout, the back door is side open, and the rear enclosure adopts a broad cross-country style, which echoes with the front encirclement. The difference is that two of the three modified versions are equipped with more exaggerated roof racks to enhance the storage space of the vehicle.

As Wuling's first pure electric SUV model, Baojun Yue is also defined as "urban fun trendy SUV", which is positioned higher than Wuling, but people in the industry prefer to call it "electric Jimney" and regard it as a "flat" version of Jimny. coupled with the niche positioning of new cars, new cars have become scarce models in the new energy market, and there is no direct competitor in the car market competition.

Not long ago, Baojun Automobile launched the new LOGO logo, and officials said that with the new LOGO as the starting point, it will fully enter the new energy track, becoming another car brand to announce the full entry of new energy. As for Baojun Yue, as the first pure electric SUV model, can it sell well after it comes on the market? The final price is still unknown until the final price is officially announced. As a comparison, the price range of Baojun KiWi EV is 7.78-102800. Considering the price overlap and positioning factors of new cars, it is expected that the price of new cars may be around 80,000 to 90,000 yuan, and that of high-end models may be around 100000 yuan.

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