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Blow up BYD? Harvard Owl Dragon / Owl Dragon MAX goes public

2024-03-02 Update From: AutoBeta autobeta NAV: AutoBeta > News >


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On the evening of May 9th, Harvard's new SUV-- Owl Dragon / Owl Dragon MAX was officially launched. Haverong positioning compact SUV, a total of three models, price range of 13.98-156800 yuan; owl dragon MAX positioning medium-sized SUV, a total of three configuration models, price range of 15.98-179800 yuan, is the first model equipped with Hi4 intelligent hybrid four-wheel drive system.


Haver owl dragon adopts a new design, the front face uses a closed air intake grille, retains the lower air intake, and the headlamp adopts a new design, which is closer to the new energy model as a whole. In terms of size, the length, width and height of Harvard owl dragon are 4600/1877/1675mm, wheelbase is 2710mm, positioning compact SUV. In the rear part, the top of the rear has a two-stage spoiler and a pilot light style high brake light, which echoes with the headlight and uses hidden exhaust.




In terms of interior decoration, the overall design of the owl dragon is quite similar to the Haversian beast, with a double screen design with a 12.3-inch full LCD instrument and a 14.6-inch central LCD screen, and a hollowed-out storage grid at the bottom of the center console, which helps to increase the storage space in the front row. At the same time, the car is also equipped with a push-button shift mechanism and a wireless charging panel.


In terms of power, the owl dragon carries a plug-in hybrid system composed of a 1.5L engine and a front single motor, which starts the maximum power 74kW, the peak torque 132Nm, the transmission system matches the two-gear DHT gearbox, and the pure electric NEDC mileage is 52km and 110km respectively.

Unlike the owl dragon, the front face of the owl dragon MAX uses a mesh of borderless grille design, as well as a new shape of the headlamp design, the overall shape does not look as stable as the owl dragon. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4758 (4771) / 1895/1725mm, wheelbase 2800mm, positioning as medium-sized SUV, but from the size point of view, it can only be regarded as A + class SUV. The rear part of the car, compared with the owl dragon, the tail design of the owl dragon MAX is relatively simple, and does not use through-type taillights, and the rear surround and the car body use different colors, coupled with chrome trim decoration, intended to enhance its sense of movement.


In terms of interior decoration, the fierce Dragon MAX uses a three-screen design, including a 12.3inch LCD instrument, a 12.3inch central control system control screen, and a 12.3inch co-driver entertainment screen, in which the co-pilot screen specializes in entertainment, can be independently connected to Bluetooth headphones, a stronger overall sense of luxury, it will be equipped with a new generation of Coffee OS system, equipped with Snapdragon 8155 chip. The new car removes the gear lever, changes to the gear, frees up the space in the T-area, and sets up two mobile phone holders in the most conspicuous position, with 50W wireless fast charging on the left, with forced air cooling, and the right side may be to control costs, and there is no mobile phone charging configuration.


In terms of power, the new car is equipped with a 1.5L engine + dual motor plug-in system, in which the maximum power of the engine 85kW, the total power of the system reaches 205kW, the peak torque 585Nm, the transmission system matches the two-gear DHT gearbox, the pure electric NEDC has a range of 105km and 0-100km/h acceleration time of 6.5s, and the battery comes from the ternary lithium battery of Guoxuan Tech.

What is interesting is that the Qiaolong MAX is equipped with Great Wall's intelligent four-wheel drive hybrid technology Hi4 for the first time, which optimizes the dual motors in the traditional DHT gearbox, gives the original generator the drive function, and moves the drive motor to the rear axle. Therefore, four-wheel drive can be realized under the condition that the number of motors is unchanged.

Both the owl dragon and the owl dragon MAX are plug-in models, in which the owl dragon focuses on the mainstream consumer market, while the owl dragon MAX is aimed at a higher-end market. It is understood that at the end of the year, the owl dragon will also launch pure electric models, which will bring stronger competitiveness through the product matrix of pure electricity + plug-in power.


With reference to model positioning and product pricing, its competitors are directly targeting BYD Song PLUS DM-i, which currently sells for 15.48-187800 yuan. It should be noted that Song PLUS DM-i will also launch the championship version this year, possibly with a brand new design and a lower price.

Data show that Harvard brand sales totaled 178037 vehicles from January to April 2023, down 9.11% from a year earlier, of which April sales were 52264, up 79.45% from a year earlier. At present, the Harvard brand has fully started the electric transformation, and the sales of the H6 new energy launched earlier are relatively poor, while the fierce dragon and the fierce dragon MAX are the key models on the road of transformation, are the important role of the brand's new energy transformation, and are also the key for the Harvard brand to return to its peak.

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