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New Corolla is listed, starting from 116800 RMB

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May 22nd, the new Corolla officially launched, the new car launched the 1.5L/1.2T/ dual-engine version of three power a total of 9 models, the price range of 11.68-155800 yuan. The new Carola mainly adjusts the configuration, including instrument, central control screen, Smart Internet, airbag and so on, among which the twin engine version will be equipped with the latest fifth generation intelligent electric hybrid dual-engine THS II, using miniaturized, high-speed motor, and reducing weight and loss of the three motor systems.


Compared with the current model, the design of the new Corolla is not obvious. The interior of the front grille will be replaced with a dot matrix grid, while the light groups on both sides will still be connected by through-type decorative strips, which can give this family car a certain sense of sharpness. The side and rear parts of the body are basically the same as the current model, but the difference in appearance of the new 20th anniversary version is mainly reflected in the exclusive logo of the front wing and the tail. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new Carolina are 4635 mm, 1780 and 1435 (1455), respectively, and the wheelbase is 2700mm.



In terms of interior decoration, the overall layout of the new Corolla remains unchanged, with the vanguard version of the dashboard upgraded from 4.2 inches to 7 inches, other models with 12.3-inch full liquid crystal meters, and the 10.25-inch central control screen is also standard. The reversing image function has been optimized and a guide wire has been added. The new model will be equipped with T-Pilot intelligent driving assistance system and provide configuration such as CarLife/CarPlay/HiCar mobile phone interconnection. In addition, some models have been adjusted for seat leather and equipped with Toyota Safety Sense 3.0 Zhihang safety suit.


On the power side, the new Corolla offers three power systems for consumers to choose from, including 1.5L naturally aspirated, 1.2T turbocharged and twin engines. The maximum power of 1.5T naturally aspirated engine is 89kW, the peak torque is 148N ·m, the maximum power of 1.2T turbocharged engine is 85kW, the peak torque is 185N ·m, and the transmission system matches the CVT gearbox. The fifth generation THS hybrid system of Toyota is replaced with dual-engine version, which is composed of 1.8L naturally aspirated engine and motor. The system integrates maximum power 101kW, matches E-CVT gearbox, and integrates fuel consumption 4.06L/100km. It is worth mentioning that the rear double-arm independent suspension of the fuel version will be changed to the torsion beam type.

In 2004, FAW Toyota introduced the ninth generation of Corolla, named "Corolla Corolla". In 2006, the tenth generation of Corolla was listed in China, and FAW Toyota renamed it "Corolla Corolla". Regardless of the replacement of Toyota's new models, the Corolla announced that it would stop production in February 2017. it is reported that FAW Toyota Tianjin Xiqing factory has been producing Corolla models from February 23, 2004 to February 17, 2017. a total of 1.319 million Corolla models have been produced in nearly 13 years. In August 2019, the 12th generation Corolla officially launched, the new car launched 1.2T/1.8L dual-engine two power a total of 8 models, the guiding price range of 11.98-159800 yuan.


As a sales giant in the domestic and global compact car market, the Corolla is favored by the general public for a reason. Its three major weapons are leather durability, high-level appearance and excellent fuel economy. Global sales of Corolla/Levin models in 2022 were 991600, down 10% from the same period last year, including 441700 in China, 249900 in Carola and 191800 in Leiling. In the domestic market, Carola's competitors include Lang Yi / Bora, Xuanyi, etc., in addition to its sister model Leiling, while with the growing strength of its own brands, the Japanese compact car market is also gradually replaced by domestic cars, such as the 2023 championship version of BYD Qin PLUS DM-i, which was launched at the beginning of the year, with a starting price of 99800 yuan. Data show that Qin PLUS sold 308300 vehicles in 2022.

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