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BYD is considering building a factory in France? BYD responded

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BYD, a Chinese electric car maker, is in talks with authorities about the possibility of building a plant in France, local government officials said, the French newspaper Echo reported. In addition, European countries, including Spain and Germany, are also trying to attract BYD to build factories there. In response to the above news, a BYD spokesman said that the company is studying a number of locations to find the best logistics and employment conditions.


In addition to the European market, Southeast Asia is also an active region for BYD. On May 5, Vietnamese Deputy Prime Minister Chen Honghe met with BYD Chairman Wang Chuanfu in Hanoi. Wang Chuanfu said that BYD hopes to continue to expand the scale of manufacturing and investment in Fushou province, and promised to further improve technology to achieve sustainable development. Wang Chuanfu said BYD will use the best technology to expand into the manufacturing and assembly of electric vehicles, serving the Vietnamese market and exporting to Southeast Asia. He expressed the hope that the local government will facilitate the early completion of the investment license and put the electric vehicle manufacturing and assembly project into operation as soon as possible.

Wang Chuanfu's statement means that BYD will be familiar with the manufacture and assembly of electric cars that love you in Vietnam, which will become the second country in Southeast Asia to produce electric cars after Thailand.

It is understood that BYD officially announced that the "passenger car going to sea" program began in 2021 and began to enter overseas markets on a large scale in the second half of 2022. In July 2022, BYD held a brand conference in Tokyo to announce its official entry into the Japanese passenger car market. In September 2022, BYD held an European new energy passenger car conference to launch Han EV, Tang EV and Yuan PLUS models to the European market, and debuted at the Paris Motor Show in October of the same year. In November 2022, BYD entered Brazil and held a press conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil, to launch the Song PLUS DM-i and Yuan PLUS models.

On January 31, BYD officially launched three electric models, namely, ATTO3 (yuan Plus overseas version), dolphin and seal, in Japan, starting with the ATTO3, which is priced at 4.4 million yen, which is 1 million yen cheaper than Japanese manufacturers' equivalent walking distance models. However, although enterprises and the government actively promote the development of new energy vehicles, public consumption is negative. BYD's passenger car sales in Japan in the first quarter were 20, 37 and 151 respectively, totaling 252, although sales increased month by month. But the overall sales level is not high.

With its advantages in the field of new energy vehicles, BYD is speeding up the "going out" of passenger cars, and overseas markets have become one of the sources of growth in BYD's car sales. Data show that from January to April 2023, BYD sold a total of 757384 new energy passenger vehicles, of which 53550 were exported.

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