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New way to play! Faraday will launch a new platform in the future, and users can also become partners.

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New way to play! Faraday will launch the "Farah Mission" platform in the future! Users can also become partners in FF.

On May 22nd, Faraday announced the launch of the "Mission Farad" platform ("Farah Mission") through its official Weibo. The Farah Mission platform integrates many of the benefits of the user-created sharing concept and will bring more innovative experiences and opportunities for FF users, officials said. At the same time, the platform is an important strategy for FF and can provide new impetus for future growth.


According to officials, the Farah Mission platform is based on Web3.0 technology and is designed to collaborate with developers, creators, users and investors to achieve value creation and revenue sharing. The platform is roughly divided into four parts: open source co-creation technology platform, shared business model, partnership governance structure and win-win product portfolio. Among them, the co-creation business model is an open UP2U business model, which allows users to become partners of FF, thus realizing value co-creation. Shared technology platform is to provide users with more innovation and services to achieve better benefit sharing. In the future, we will gradually launch a win-win product portfolio including FIR and FPO.

It is understood that the platform has been launched in FF APP and, users can participate in the "Farah mission" online through "co-creation tasks", and co-creation tasks will be updated irregularly. If users complete the corresponding co-creation tasks within a specified period of time, they will be awarded "futurist co-creation points". Looking at Faraday's futuristic website, the auto industry found that there are two official tasks, one for inviting friends to sign up. The second is to view and select the information content with the sharing reward logo through the FF App Co-creation Task activity home page. Repost and share the rewarded information content to social channels, and friends browse the shared information content, you can get futurist co-creation points reward.


It is worth noting that FF officials also said today that they will hold the final release of FF 91 & Faraday Future on May 31, when they will share the latest developments of FF 91 models, showcase a new user experience, announce the upgraded product and technology architecture, AI strategy, ecological products, service and sales, and co-creation sharing platform, and introduce the delivery plan of FF 91. For the news, founder Jia Yueting retweeted comments: "one sword every nine years." The world's first new category of extremely intelligent technology luxury new species FF 91 is about to on the road.


According to an earlier official announcement, the delivery plan for FF 91 vehicles is generally divided into three stages. The first phase is "Industry expert futuristic Product Officer (FPO) Co-creation delivery", which is expected to begin at the end of May. At this stage, industry expert FPO needs to pay FF91 in full and receive training in the use of vehicles. The second stage is "FPO co-creation delivery", in which FPO needs to pay FF91 in full and get the FF91 vehicle. The third phase is "Comprehensive Co-creation delivery", which will deliver FF 91 vehicles to all spire users who pay the full cost of FF 91 vehicles.


As for the delivery plan, officials have said that a lot of additional financing is expected to be needed to begin the second and third phases of delivery. In a letter released to shareholders on May 12th, Faraday revealed that it had successfully secured $135 million in financing to support production plans for the sop and new cars. At this stage, the compliance certification of FF 91 is going on as planned, most of the tests have been successfully completed, and the most difficult collision subjects have been carried out and passed successfully. It can be seen from the recent official news that Faraday is already making a series of layouts for the online sales and delivery of FF91 in the future. For example, the "Farah Mission" platform launched this time, as well as the global online supplier summit held on May 19th, to recruit FF suppliers.


Of course, Faraday's future actions are ultimately inseparable from the shortage of funds. Relevant data show that in order to realize the dream of building a car, Faraday has made a cumulative loss of 1.3581 billion US dollars in the four years from 2019 to 2022. As of March 31, 2023, FF had $33 million in cash, including $1.5 million in restricted cash. It is not difficult to see that Faraday is almost financially exhausted in the future. In this context, in addition to financing, we can only speed up the delivery of the first model and find more helpers to help sell vehicles. However, in the end, whether the new game launched by Faraday in the future can be supported by users or not is still a bit difficult in the current situation. After all, in terms of Faraday's future brand reputation, users' recognition of Faraday's future products is not high.

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