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Can save Nissan? Qijun e-POWER sells from 189900 RMB

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Dongfeng Nissan's compact SUV-- superhybrid electric drive Qijun went on sale on May 22, with a total of two new models, with a price of 189900 yuan for the deluxe version of the 140ultra hybrid twin motor all-wheel drive and 199900 yuan for the 146super hybrid motor all-wheel drive premium version. For comparison, the price range of the current Qijun is 17.99-262900 yuan, it is not difficult to see that the price of the super hybrid drive Qijun is only comparable to that of the two-wheel drive model in the VC-Turbo version, while due to the standard dual-motor four-wheel drive in the whole system, the online order of the new car is very popular after the market, resulting in system downtime.



In terms of appearance, the super hybrid electric drive Qijun is slightly different from the ordinary fuel version of Qijun in appearance, the new car continues to use Nissan family's V-Motion 3.0design language, huge V-shaped chrome strips occupy the visual C position, honeycomb intake grille in the middle, split LED headlamp groups on both sides. In order to demonstrate the uniqueness of the ultra-hybrid electric drive model, the new car has a new smoked V-shaped chrome-plated front face, and the center of the front is also changed to the latest flattened brand logo. On the side and rear of the car, the super hybrid electric drive Qijun is basically the same as the VC-Turbo version, except that it is surrounded by the bumper and the English logo of e-POWER and e-4ORCE. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4681/1840/1730mm, wheelbase 2706mm, consistent with the VC-Turbo version.

In terms of interior decoration, the super hybrid drive Qijun still continues the overall layout of the fuel version of Qijun, with a standard 12.3inch suspension central control screen, while the super hybrid double motor four-wheel drive version is upgraded on this basis, adding 12.3in liquid crystal instrument, 10.8in HUD, three-spoke multi-function steering wheel with a new style of electronic lever shape, making this car look very fashionable and young.

In terms of power, the super hybrid electric drive Qijun adopts the second generation e-POWER hybrid technology, which is equipped with a hybrid power system composed of a 1.5T three-cylinder engine and an electric motor. The engine is only responsible for generating electricity and does not directly drive the wheels. The vehicle power comes from the front and rear drive motors. Among them, the maximum power of 1.5T three-cylinder engine is 106 kW; the maximum power of front motor is 150 kW with peak torque of 330 Nm; the maximum power of rear motor is 100 kW with peak torque of 195 Nm; the comprehensive maximum power of the system is 250 kW and the comprehensive peak torque is 525 Nm. In terms of batteries, the car is equipped with a power battery with a capacity of 2 kilowatt hours. In addition, the snow fox electric four-wheel drive e-4ORCE equipped with super-hybrid electric drive Qijun provides five different modes of automatic, economic, sports, snow and cross-country, which are suitable for a variety of driving scenes.

Qijun is a global strategic model of Nissan, which has undergone three upgrades since its launch in 2000 and has millions of users in the global market. As one of the "troika" of Dongfeng Nissan, Qijun forms a tripod with Toyota RAV4 and Honda CRV. According to the data, Nissan sold 169582 vehicles in 2020, while Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4 sold 243037 vehicles and 173833 vehicles respectively. Although Qijun's sales are lower than the latter two, it can be regarded as the king of the compact SUV market.


After the replacement of the fourth-generation model with a three-cylinder engine, the sales of Qijun and even the Nissan brand have been greatly affected. According to the Carriage Federation, the Dongfeng Nissan brand sold 792233 vehicles in 2022, of which Qijun sold only 23079, compared with 213935 for CR-V and 165278 for RAV4.

The emergence of super hybrid electric drive Qijun, we can see that Nissan wants to revive Qijun car sales sincerity. Unfortunately, the super-hybrid electric drive Qijun is not a new energy vehicle, it can not hang a green card, which is not a small restriction for cities that need to lottery. At the same time, the current compact SUV market competition is particularly fierce, the emergence of a large number of new energy players has changed the pattern of this market segment, and although the super hybrid drive Qijun compared to the Qijun VC-Turbo version has a big improvement, but can it win the popularity of consumers in the Chinese market? It also needs to be tested continuously.

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