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Changan Mazda CX-50 is officially listed, starting at 159800 RMB.

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On May 25, Changan Mazda CX-50 also officially launched, the new car will first launch 2.0L and 2.5L fuel power a total of six models, the price range is 15.98-106800 yuan, of which 2.0L price range is 15.98-177800 yuan, 2.5L price range is 17.58-206800 yuan. It is understood that the CX-50 is a new compact SUV based on the front-drive horizontal platform, which can be seen as the successor to the CX-5, but its positioning is slightly higher than the CX-5. Officials say it is a new generation model for Chinese users and co-created with Chinese users. As a reference, CX-5 also offers 2.0L and 2.5L power, with a price range of 14.98-210800 yuan.


In terms of appearance, CX-50 still uses the classic family design language, the larger front grille structure remains the same, but the shape becomes flatter, and the black grille frame extends to both sides to connect with the headlamp group, forming an integrated design of grille and headlights. In addition, the design of the front enclosure is very rugged, and the cooling grooves on both sides of the front bumper and the silver grille on the front lips make the new car look stronger.

On the side of the car body, the black trim panel extending from the front to the side skirt and then to the rear looks very rough, and the rearview mirror shell is blackened to further enhance the sense of movement, while the black decoration at the wheel eyebrow and side skirt shows its cross-border properties. In the rear part, the round taillight with blackening treatment adopts the same three-dimensional design as the MX-30, and the taillight uses the fumigated design, the internal structure is similar to the headlamp, and the lighting effect will be very recognizable. At the same time, the spoiler extending above the rear of the new car is embedded with a long strip of high brake lights, which is combined with the horizontal lines on the rear door and the double-sided circular exhaust surrounded by the rear to further enhance the sports sense of the new car.

In terms of size, the CX-50 length, width and height are 4785/1920/1638mm, wheelbase is 2815mm, positioning compact SUV, a full circle larger than CX-5. For comparison, the length, width and height of CX-5 are 4575/1842/1685mm and wheelbase 2700mm respectively.

In terms of interior decoration, the interior layout of CX-50 is consistent with that of overseas models, and the small-size central control screen is still set above the center console that is convenient for drivers to observe. Its built-in third-generation Mazda Yue Lian system adopts the operation mode of Android system and multi-window interface for the first time, and supports command switch and touch screen operation. The meter is also a combination of LCD and mechanical, but the new family style makes the car look more hard, with three-spoke multi-function steering wheel, through air conditioning outlet and other designs taking into account both technology and texture.

In terms of power, CX-50 provides 2.0L and 2.5L power options in the early stage, of which 2.0L engine maximum power 114kW, peak torque 200N m, 2.5L engine maximum power 138kW, peak torque 250N m, transmission are equipped with 6AT gearbox, hybrid models will be launched in the future. In order to ensure the rear space, CX-50 uses a non-independent rear suspension, but also uses a butterfly bionic third-generation spiral spring, not simply to save costs, it seems that Mazda is also trying to cater to the preferences of domestic consumers.

The CX-50 is the first model to be launched after the merger of North and South Mazda, with competitors targeting the Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4, which sold 43010 vehicles from January to April 2023, while the latter sold 40984 and CX-5 jin 3445. In today's environment, the joint venture brand fuel cars represented by Toyota RAV4 Rongfang and Honda CR-V are offering more and more concessions, and the pressure on CX-50 is not small.

Unlike Toyota and Honda, Mazda's insistence on fuel cars is obvious to all, but it does not give it full time and space in the domestic market. From January to April 2023, Changan Mazda sold a total of 17784 vehicles, of which the highest-selling model was the Onksera, which was 8076.


The former glory is no longer, Mazda in the Chinese market gradually "out of favor." On the one hand, Mazda's brand awareness in China is far lower than that of other Japanese brands, and its freewheeling corporate style is destined to meet the needs of only a small number of users, which is one of the reasons why Mazda has been marginalized. On the other hand, Mazda's constant 2.0L/2.5L naturally aspirated engine + 6AT gearbox power combination has lost interest in the market, and consumers who buy Mazda models generally want to enjoy the "man-horse-in-one" handling experience, but it is difficult for Mazda to do so at this stage.

The decline of Mazda in the domestic market is obvious, but its maverick style has gained a group of loyal players in the international market and stands out among niche brands. According to relevant data, Mazda sold 1.1161 million vehicles worldwide in 2022, including 294900 in the United States and 151300 in Europe, both higher than in the Chinese market.

In fact, in the era of transition from fuel vehicles to energy vehicles, Mazda's insistence is meaningless, because sales of fuel vehicles are already low, so it is better to comply with the development of the market. On April 16, Mazda China announced for the first time its transformation strategy and goal vision in the electrified era, as well as the establishment of a new cooperation model with Changan Automobile.


According to the plan, the transformation strategy of Mazda's electrified era will be carried out in three steps: from 2022 to 2024, the development oriented to the electrified era will be strengthened; from 2025 to 2027, the development of battery technology will be strengthened and the pure electric models will be first put into the Chinese market; and from 2028 to 2030, pure electric vehicles will be formally introduced to transition to the electrified era. It is understood that Changan Mazda plans to launch two new energy models developed and produced in China by the end of 2024 and 2025, which will provide both pure electricity and plug-in power.

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