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Li Xiang: Chinese local suppliers are proud to be not afraid to use the dark.

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On the morning of May 25th, Great Wall Motor publicly reported that BYD Qin PLUS DM-i and Song PLUS DM-i used atmospheric fuel tanks, suspected of substandard evaporative pollutant emissions from the whole vehicle. After the relevant statement was released, it quickly rushed to the hot search and triggered a discussion on the whole network.


Late that night, ideal car CEO Li said in response to "whether the ideal ONE uses a high-pressure fuel tank", "the ideal ONE high-pressure fuel tank was developed by a Korean enterprise, and at that time there was no domestic supplier to develop high-pressure fuel tanks. At that time, many experts did not understand why they used metal high-pressure fuel tanks and were hacked for a long time. " At the same time, Li Xiang also said, "through joint research and development, we support a local company to successfully develop a high-pressure fuel tank and place the manufacturing plant next to our Changzhou factory."


It is understood that the gasoline in the fuel tank will produce steam due to volatilization, thus increasing the pressure in the fuel tank. If the fuel steam in the fuel tank is not treated, it will lead to an increase in oil pressure. PHEV models need to set up a high-pressure fuel tank to meet the emission requirements. It should be noted that BYD has applied for an oil and gas management system, which is equipped with a liquid supply device outside the fuel tank to provide a cooling medium. When fuel steam is produced in the fuel tank, the cooling medium can cool the fuel steam in time and fall back into the fuel tank after liquefaction, so as to avoid the increase of fuel tank pressure caused by the increase of fuel steam, so as to achieve the purpose of cost saving. Of course, there is a patent, but it does not necessarily mean it will be adopted. As to whether BYD models meet the emission standards, it remains to be investigated by the relevant departments.

Later, in another post, Li expressed his views on the "heavy use of local suppliers in China". Li Xiang said, "recently there has been organized hacking of us, and the black language is very unified: the heavy use of local suppliers in China." In response, he said, "We are proud of the extensive use of local suppliers. If consumers dare to buy Chinese-branded cars, we dare to use local supply chain companies boldly."


According to reports, the ideal L series chip localization rate has exceeded 25%, most likely is the highest chip localization rate of the model, for this ideal invested a lot of research and development and experimental costs. "We are not afraid of being hacked at this level, and we are proud of it." Li wants to say. In addition, Li Xiang also disclosed some local supply chain enterprises with which he cooperated, such as Horizon and Xinwanda of domestic chips, memory of Changxin, Wesai of lidar, Ningde era and Xinwanda of batteries, Conghui and Baolong of air suspension, Bethel of braking systems, cool techs of HUD, and so on.

Li Xiang said frankly, "there are countless local suppliers in China." We boldly do joint research and development with these partners, make concerted efforts to verify and produce, go deep into every link and detail, and be the first to carry out large-scale delivery. Watching many partners become the small leaders of the industry one by one, we are very happy. The professionalism, effort, efficiency and investment of these outstanding domestic suppliers are very touching. Set up our own R & D team, build brand-new factories and production lines for us, and provide mission support for our rapid climbing production. " "on the other hand, some leading global supply chain giants are also trying to implement more Chinese and localized R & D and strategies in the era of smart electric vehicles, which I think is absolutely a wise choice," Li stressed. "


A few days ago, ideal Automobile was released in the third week of May 2023 (5.15-5.21). Its weekly sales far surpassed that of other new power brands and won the title of weekly sales of new power brands in the Chinese market. At the same time, ideal car surpasses other traditional luxury brands other than BBA to maintain the top five luxury brands in the Chinese market, making it the highest-ranked Chinese brand on the list.

The data showed that the ideal car sales in the third week of May was 7100, far higher than the second zero running car, which was 3100, while Tengli and Polar Krypton were 2600 and 2000, respectively, and only 1400, ranking eighth on the list. In addition, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Tesla all sold more than 10,000 luxury brands in the Chinese market, while ideal car ranked fifth with 7100, making it the highest-ranked Chinese brand on the list.

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