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Yu Chengdong: it is only a matter of time before the monthly sales of 100000 RMB

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On May 27th, in just 15 months, the 100,000th production car in AITO officially went offline, becoming the fastest new energy vehicle brand to reach this milestone.



At the scene, Zhang Xinghai, chairman of Cyrus Group, and Yu Chengdong, BU CEO of Huawei Smart car solution, respectively delivered speeches. Yu Chengdong said that the release of 100, 000 cars in 15 months by AITO marks the recognition and trust of users and verifies the success of Huawei's smart car selection model. In the future, we will accelerate from 1 to N, create the best products, the best quality, improve consumer satisfaction, let more consumers choose this brand!


In response to rumors of Huawei building cars, Yu Chengdong said that Huawei does not build cars alone, but to build the best cars together with car companies such as Cyrus. The cooperation between Huawei and Cyrus is long-term and unswerving, and the two sides need to run-in, but through cooperation, both sides can run faster and survive better.

Yu Chengdong, who witnessed the AITO question world all the way, also shared the latest views with the media.

When talking about the price war, Yu Chengdong said that in the long run, it is very difficult for car companies that rely on price war to survive. They have never seen car companies that rely on low-price competition to go far. Only people who do not have the level to fight a price war, because their own competitiveness is not good. I had no choice but to do it. The real market competition still has to improve its competitiveness. He also said that the trend of fuel vehicles moving towards smart electric cars is irreversible all over the world, while domestic acceptance of new things is higher, so the "roll" is even more severe. Yu Chengdong believes that electrification is the first half, intelligence is the second half, and the key to deciding the outcome mainly depends on the second half. He believes that Cyrus will be one of the few manufacturers to survive in this competition.


Talking about the current situation of new power marketing, Yu Chengdong said: I am not a marketing talent, I like to make products, solid products to the extreme, this is the core. I don't like to brag or advertise. Some people always say that Yu always likes to brag, but what others brag has been done, so he is a man of his word.

AITO is the latest auto brand of Cyrus Group, which is jointly built with Huawei, which is responsible for R & D, production and delivery, while Huawei is responsible for brand sales channel promotion. However, AITO is more like a Huawei brand. At present, AITO has three models, M5/M5 EV and M7. Without any exception, Yu Chengdong hosts the launch of new products, and Yu Chengdong has spoken for the AITO boundary on social platforms many times. Many consumers are lost in Yu Chengdong's sentence of "far ahead" and finally become the owner of the car.

In 2022, AITO sold 78081 vehicles for the year, 72% of which came from the M5, with a cumulative sales of 56855 vehicles and 21226 M7 vehicles. After entering 2023, AITO officials have rarely released delivery data, or the market performance is not as good as expected. According to the retail data of the Federation of passengers, the cumulative sales of AITO from January to April 2023 were 4469, 3521, 3625 and 2437, respectively.


On the eve of the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show, Huawei officially launched a high-end intelligent driver version of the M5 series, which includes an all-electric model and an add-on model.

Smart driving is the biggest highlight of the new M5 model. As a new energy vehicle equipped with Huawei ADS 2.0 advanced intelligent driving system for the first time, the M5 series advanced intelligent driving version has added lidar and side-view camera to the hardware, and the computing unit has also been replaced with Huawei's self-developed MDC intelligent driving computing platform, which can provide it with better driving assistance. Mr Yu said Huawei ADS 2.0 was infinitely close to L3 advanced intelligent driving, which could reduce traffic accidents caused by inattention and complex road conditions by 90 per cent. According to reports, ADS 2.0 high-order intelligent driving system does not rely on the high-speed, urban high-order intelligent driving functions of high-precision maps, even without high-precision maps can understand the road, traffic lights and other road elements, making it possible to drive without maps.


Compared with the ordinary version, the endurance ability of the M5 smart car version has also been improved. Under the condition of full fuel and full charge, the pure electric life of CLTC is raised to 255km, and the comprehensive battery life reaches 1425km. In terms of price, the price of the M5 rear-drive version is 279800 yuan, the four-wheel-drive version is 299800 yuan, the pure electric version is 289800 yuan, and the four-wheel-drive version is 309800 yuan.

It is understood that the M9 will be released at the end of the year, the car positioning medium and large SUV, the expected price range of 50-600000 yuan, will become the most expensive model in the series, also offering extended-range version and pure electric version. Yu Chengdong said that our intelligent driving, intelligent cockpit and intelligent Internet connection technology are now the most leading and advanced in the world. At the end of the year, M9 will be the best SUV that 10 million can buy, and will use our latest and most advanced technology to make the experience to the highest level.


At the scene, Yu Chengdong said that a competitor can sell 200000 new energy vehicles in one month, and some car owners hope that AITO can reach 100000 in a month. This goal is still a bit difficult at this stage, but as long as Huawei is given some time, the future AITO World will certainly be able to achieve 100000 vehicles a month.

At present, the terminal performance of AITO is not "far ahead" in the new energy market, and there is an urgent need for new cars to boost, but this year's new car series is only the M9, which was released in the fourth quarter, with a price of 50-600000 yuan, pointing directly at the ideal L9, which may be difficult to form a good sales growth rate. As far as the question is concerned, in the remaining 8 months, how to take effective measures to stimulate sales is worthy of attention.

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