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A new generation of little ants? Chery New Energy New car Patent Map exposed

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Recently, the patent map of a group of new Chery New Energy models has been revealed online. the appearance of the car is different from the Little Ant Q, which was unveiled at the Shanghai International Auto Show, and it is expected to be the design patent of Chery New Energy's new generation of Little Ant models.

From the patent map exposed on the Internet, at present, the outline of the new car can only be seen. The new car combines the design elements of the cash small ant and the small ant Q unveiled at the Shanghai auto show, and the front face uses an angular grille with a slender headlamp group. The middle is connected by a wide and thick through-type lamp belt, and the front encirclement is not much different from the small ants in cash, but it is optimized in detail and the overall sense of movement is more obvious. In addition, compared with the current Little Ant and Little Ant Q, the biggest highlight of the new car is to move the logo to the hood position.


On the side of the body, the new car basically continues the cash small ant design style, but also optimizes the details. the new car seems to have added a decorative design to the side skirt, and the door handle is designed with a conventional door knob. but the double four-spoke rim style makes the visual effect of the vehicle more fashionable.


The rear part is the place where the new car changes greatly, the taillight is integrated with flat style and through strip, and is equipped with vertical high brake light, the visual effect is more concise. The new car spoiler and the lower surrounding area also adopt a new design style, the bottom diffuser movement breath is stronger, the license plate installation position is also adjusted to the rear surrounding area, the visual effect is more hierarchical.


At present, there is no relevant information about the interior decoration and power parameters of the new car. As a reference, in terms of power, the current small Ant has launched a total of two sets of power options, of which the 251 km and 301 km models have a maximum motor power of 30 kilowatts and a peak torque of 95 Nm, and the 401 km models have a maximum power of 55 kilowatts and a peak torque of 150 Nm. In terms of batteries, Little Ant is equipped with lithium iron phosphate batteries and ternary lithium battery packs with different capacities, with mileage of 251 km, 301 km and 401 km respectively according to the version.

So far, Chery New Energy models for sale include QQ ice cream, small ant, Erize e, boundless Pro and big ant a total of four models. In March this year, Chery New Energy announced a price reduction of up to 9000 yuan for its models, including three QQ ice cream models by 4000 yuan to 35900-45900 yuan; four small ant models by 4000-9000 yuan to 64999-94000 yuan; and five unbounded Pro models by 5000 yuan to 84900-110900 yuan.


However, after price adjustment, the sales performance of these models is still very mediocre. Take April sales in 2023 as an example, the highest sales in April was QQ ice cream, with retail sales of 4253, small ants of 2439, Arize e of 1176, boundless Pro of 136 and big ants of only 5. For comparison, Wuling Hongguang MINI EV, a model of the same class, sold 18086 vehicles.


Judging from the current sales performance of Chery new energy vehicles, QQ ice cream and small ant are two important models of Chery new energy vehicles, but the market performance of the two models is mediocre, and the boundless Pro new car that is expected to do not have an excellent performance. As a domestic independent brand, Chery does have a good sales performance in the field of fuel vehicles, but in the field of new energy, Chery undoubtedly needs to pay more attention.

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