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1 is the successor! BMW 2-series four-door sedan may be made in China.

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According to comprehensive reports, BMW Group will start producing the second generation 2-series Gran Coupe four-door coupe (code F74) in November 2024, while it may launch a new 2-series four-door sedan with long wheelbase version (codenamed F78) in China in 2025 to replace the discontinued BMW 1-Series hatchback sedan. Earlier, it was rumored that the BMW 1-Series hatchback (F52) would be officially discontinued in July, when the car would officially retire from history. At present, the BMW 2 Series on sale in China is sold by official import, and the official guided price is 27.29-298900 yuan.



The BMW 2-Series Gran Coupe model was officially unveiled at the 2019 Los Angeles Motor Show and is based on BMW's front-wheel drive UK12 platform. This is the first time BMW has launched a compact sedan with a four-door coupe. The new car is made at a plant in Leipzig, Germany, and half of its production will be supplied to the US market, while the Chinese market will absorb about 15% of its production.

At the 2020 Macau Motor Show, the BMW 2-Series Gran Coupe model was officially launched in China and officially listed in China in January 2021, with only 225i (2.0T engine) version for consumers to choose from, and the transmission system matches the 7-speed wet double-clutch gearbox with a maximum power of 192hp and a peak torque of 280Nm. Judging from this news, the brand-new second-generation 2-series four-door coupe will be treated with a longer wheelbase after it is made in China, from imported to domestic, and its price is expected to be further explored.

In addition, the last production month of the BMW 1-Series hatchback (F52) on sale in China is July this year, and it will retire from the historical stage when production is completed. Initially, the BMW 1-Series was also sold in China by import, with the main hatchback model priced between 25.60 yuan and 469000 yuan. Due to the relatively high price, sales of the car have been lukewarm. At the 2016 Guangzhou Auto Show, brilliance BMW brought a domestic version of the 1-series, which is different from imported models in that it mainly features a hatchback version, which is more in line with the needs of the Chinese market, and is based on the UKL front wheel drive platform, which has more advantages in space and cost. According to BMW's plan, the 1-Series hatchback version is produced only in China and sold only in China, that is, Chinese special models.

In terms of power, the BMW 1-Series hatchback (F52) currently on sale offers four models with a price range of 20.89-249900 yuan, with 1.5T and 2.0T engines, maximum power of 136hp and 178hp, peak torque of 220Nm and 280Nm, matching 6-speed hand-integrated (118i) or 8-speed hand-integrated transmission (120i/125i).

The direct competitor of the BMW 1-Series hatchback is the FAW-Volkswagen Audi A3. In addition, luxury brands such as Mercedes-Benz CLA, Volvo V40 and Lexus CT will also compete with it, and if the BMW 1-Series hatchback is discontinued, the new second-generation 2-Series four-door coupe is expected to make up for its price range. Of course, this is only based on the speculation made in the past on the pricing strategy of domestic BMW models, and the final price will be subject to official announcement.

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