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May complaint list: many models of BYD are on the list

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According to the latest data from Interface News, the auto industry focused on the "May 2023 Automobile Complaints list TOP20". Judging from the list, the number of domestic and joint venture complaint models is equal, but by contrast, the number of complaints of domestic models is much higher than that of joint venture models, with BYD's Seal and Han occupying the top two of the list, while dolphins and Yuan PLUS are also on the list. In addition, Changan Auchan Z6 New Energy and Harvard H6 are also among the top ten.

In terms of specific models, the model with the highest number of complaints in May is BYD Seal, and the main complaint is price changes.

It is understood that BYD launched the champion seal version on May 10, with a price of 18.98 yuan to 279800 yuan, a reduction of 23000 yuan compared with the starting price of the old model. In addition to the price reduction, the configuration of the champion version of the seal has also been significantly improved, with intelligent power-on function, electronic child lock, NFC car keys, etc., and intelligent power-on function, electronic child lock, NFC car keys (on the basis of the original Android system, increased Apple iOS system) greatly enhance the convenience of using the car. As the main sales force of the 550km premium model, the Seal Champion Edition adds four standard configurations: leather seat, leather steering wheel, rear privacy glass and armbox lifting cup holder. In addition, the SEAL Championship 650km all-wheel drive performance version comes standard with a light-sensitive canopy (optional for 700km endurance models), super iTAC intelligent torque control system, simulated sound waves, horse mute tires and 19-inch five-spoke double-forked rims.


In addition to price changes, seals have also received many complaints from car owners because their seats are rusty, mainly in the 2022 model, which is not an isolated case in terms of the number of complaints, but more like a design defect. However, BYD officials have not yet responded to the problem of seat rust.

Like seals, Han also received complaints about price changes. On May 18, the champion version of Han DM-i officially went on sale, with a price of 18.98 yuan to 249800 yuan, with a starting price cut of 28000 yuan compared with the old model. The price is lower, the configuration is higher, and many car owners who have just bought old seals are psychologically unbalanced. In addition, Dolphin and Yuan PLUS also appeared on the list, and the main complaints were price changes and contract disputes.


Toyota is the brand with the largest number of models on the list, including Crown Lu Fang, Crown, Ruizhi, Hanlanda and Camry, ranking 3rd, 5th, 9th, 15th and 19th respectively. Crown, Ruizhi and Camry, which have been complaining for a relatively long time, continue to be criticized by car owners because of the aging of components, including instrument cracking. The common problems of Crown Lu Fang and Hanlanda on the same platform-water dripping of air conditioners and difficulties in upgrading audio-visual cars are still up in the air.

Honda is the second-largest joint venture brand on the list, and like Toyota, the brand is mainly subject to hardware quality problems, with Hiromoto Accord's main problems focused on oil leakage, rust and brake jitter, while Toshimoto CR-V has frequent problems with cracked parts, car paint and accessories. However, the number of complaints about the two models is relatively low, with Accord at 12th and CR-V at 20th.

In May, the other models ranked later in the list of quality complaints were Great Wall Harvard H6, Polar Krypton 001, Deep Blue SL03, Geely Xingyue L, Great Wall Harvard Red Rabbit, in which Harvard H6 faced difficulties in upgrading and insensitive navigation, Deep Blue SL03 received consumer complaints because of reduction and abnormal noise problems, while Harvard Red Rabbit experienced paint blistering and the car system could not be updated.

It is worth mentioning that the China Consumer Association issued a special report on automobile complaints. The report shows that there are some common problems in the sales process of automobile companies, such as price changes, service charges, sales fraud and so on. This is consistent with the main problems reflected in the April car quality complaint data. In order to protect the rights and interests of consumers, consumers are advised to fully understand the relevant information before buying cars and fully communicate with automobile manufacturers and sellers. At the same time, the automobile industry should also continue to improve product quality and service level to meet the growing needs of consumers.

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