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The exhibition car was driven out of the exhibition hall and crashed into the mall handrail! Official response

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Recently, a video about an exhibition car slipping out of the exhibition hall and crashing into an escalator in a shopping mall spread on the Internet. It is understood that the incident took place in the polar krypton car showroom of Phase II of Xiamen SM Shopping Mall. The video posted on the Internet shows a blue polar krypton X crashing into the escalator of the mall, the handrail of the escalator was also scattered by curved glass, and the front of the vehicle was badly damaged and cracked.



In response to the accident, the staff of the extreme Krypton Xiamen exhibition hall said: two children entered the exhibition hall without a guardian, and one of the boys entered the driver's seat of the exhibition car to operate the vehicle, causing the vehicle to drive out of the exhibition hall and collide with the escalator in the mall. No one was injured in the accident, and the guardian took the two boys away after the accident, and the cause of the accident is under investigation.

In addition, the store of the exhibition hall also issued an event description saying that it had actively negotiated with the shopping mall to deal with it properly at the first time. We will learn lessons, learn from them, and strengthen internal management and personnel safety awareness training. At the same time, the majority of parents are also reminded to do a good job in the safety monitoring of minors when experiencing the exhibition.


In this regard, many netizens also asked how children can start the exhibition car, and how can the exhibition car mode start? Some netizens said that even if there is no display mode, it should be locked with a lock.

In response to netizens' questions, a reporter interviewed the operator of the SM mall in Xiamen and said: in order to ensure safety, the mall has earlier required all vehicles displayed in the mall to be equipped with wheel locks. The fact that the polar krypton car leaves the exhibition hall will urge them to provide information on the accident as soon as possible, including the next safety rectification measures and personnel management. On the basis of the original protection, all exhibition cars in the mall will be equipped with wheel locks. In the follow-up, the mall will also sign a letter of responsibility for safety management with all auto show activities and auto stores to prevent similar situations from happening again.


It is understood that the car display mode is one of the car modes, which is mainly used for vehicle display. It is mainly through the software to disable the car's power plant, air conditioning, etc., but at the same time does not affect the large screen interaction and other functions of the vehicle display, can ensure that the vehicle static display for a long time. After the display mode is turned on, the vehicle will not be able to drive in the static display process, and the high voltage output is disabled, which can ensure the safety of the static display to the maximum extent and avoid driving the vehicle in the display due to human misoperation. The function of the wheel lock is to lock the car's tires firmly on the front wheel locked on one side of the driver's seat. It is worth noting that a similar incident in which the exhibition car was launched also occurred in March this year. On March 19, a parent in Dongguan, Guangdong, brought his teenage child to the Lexus 4S store to look at the car. the child sat in the cab and accidentally started the car, causing the exhibition car to rush out and crash two other new cars.


In recent years, in order to improve the brand publicity, many car companies stationed in shopping malls has become a trend. The vehicles of these car companies can be seen more or less in every city shopping mall. After all, the dense flow of people in shopping malls can increase the exposure of brand models and expand brand awareness.

However, vehicles stationed in shopping malls also have certain security risks. In response to the accident of the polar krypton exhibition hall, some relevant industry insiders pointed out that vehicles in the exhibition hall must ensure that the display information of the vehicle is marked with "exhibition mode" and a warning that the vehicle cannot be started clearly. At the same time, it is also necessary to strengthen the safety education of the staff and improve the management and safety awareness of the car showroom. Of course, parents also need to do a good job of minor safety monitoring to ensure the safety of their children and their surroundings, so as to achieve a better user experience and personnel security.

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