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Claim 5 million! NIO sued Mavericks that the car infringement case will be heard.

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Recently, according to Tianyan App information, Wei Lai sued Mavericks for car infringement case is about to open. It can be seen from the court announcement information that the defendant is Gu Yubo, and the cause of the case is the dispute over reputation right. It is understood that the case will be heard in Hefei High-tech Industrial Development Zone People's Court on June 15.


In fact, regarding the infringement case as early as May 15, NIO Legal Department issued a document saying that the lawsuit filed against Gu Yubo, the holder of the chatter account "Mavericks Said Car", had been formally filed by the court.

Officials said: Since April 6, 2023, Gu Yubo has continuously released more than ten Short Video using his registered chatter account "Mavericks Say Cars," fabricating facts, distorting and interpreting information about NIO and NIO users, slandering, abusing and attacking the new energy automobile industry, NIO and NIO users, and even slandering NIO brands and products with insulting descriptions of women many times. In addition, malicious personal attacks on NIO users with insulting words seriously infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of NIO and NIO users. The production, dissemination and forwarding of relevant videos have been suspected of serious violations of relevant criminal and civil laws. Gu Yubo was asked to delete relevant videos, publicly apologize and tentatively compensate 5 million yuan.


In response to Wei Lai's lawsuit against "Mavericks," Ma Lin, senior director of Wei Lai Communication, commented that after absorbing powder in a way that denigrates and insults the brand and its users, he can not make a comment on the content of the car. This road cannot let him go through, otherwise it is extremely unfair to media friends. Wei Lai will never tolerate rumors and forwarding rumors, slander, malicious attacks and other behaviors. Thanks for the support of media friends, we welcome and open up normal public opinion supervision and criticism, and hope to hear more rational voices from media friends. Wei Lai founder Li Bin also said, slander, smear Wei Lai users, break through our bottom line, will certainly fight to the end.


Earlier, there was a notice of evidence collection issued by Wei Lai Legal Department circulating on the Internet. According to the notice, the official filed a lawsuit against the relevant network account, and evidence of losses caused by the infringement of the network account needs to be continuously collected during the lawsuit. This includes all cases of cancellation or elimination of purchase intention caused by infringement of relevant network accounts including "Mavericks Said Cars". At the same time, there are car bloggers also published a document revealed, Wei Lai asked each store first-line sales collection because of "Mavericks said car" cancellation or consultation customer cases.



According to the auto industry's attention to the chatter platform,"Mavericks say cars" by the end of the issue, the number of fans is 2.278 million, won 27.257 million likes. At present, Mavericks said there are 30 works on the chatter platform, but the works about the earlier NIO brand have not been searched. However, for the prosecution, Mavericks said the car suspected of releasing a video response said that many works were removed mainly because of complaints, he has received a number of lawyer letters.


It is worth noting that NIO Automobile has recently filed a lawsuit not only against "Mavericks Said Car", but also against the self-media "Car Story", suing it for spreading network rumors, infringing reputation rights, demanding that the account publicly apologize at the top of the home page and compensate RMB 2 million yuan. According to the "car history" chatter interface can be seen, by the time of publication, there are 6.6 million fans.

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