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Leung Ka-fai? Mazda's mysterious spokesman contests

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On June 5, Chang 'an Mazda posted a picture on Weibo for netizens to guess the spokesperson of CX-50. Mazda deliberately concealed the photo of the spokesperson, but from the silhouette and introduction, it can basically be confirmed that Liang Jiahui is no different. The picture shows that the spokesman is "Hong Kong Golden Award winner, has a deep relationship with Mazda, has 40 years of experience in film, and is one of the 100 outstanding actors in Chinese films in a hundred years."


Tony Leung Ka Fai, born in February 1958 in China Hong Kong, native of Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnic University, male actor in China Hong Kong. In 1983, he began his film career as Emperor Xianfeng in Li Hanxiang's film Burning Yuanmingyuan. In 1997, he starred in the crime film Black Gold.

In "Black Gold," Tony Leung plays "Zhou Chaoxian" to the late boss said a hot word so far: "We are sitting Mercedes, Rolls Royce, you sit Mazda, no wonder you will traffic jam!" You sit in Mazda, you don't have the qualifications to hold this meeting at all. Go home and wait for a call. I'll let you know when I have a chance!" It has been more than 20 years since the movie, but that sentence has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Every time they see Mazda, many people will naturally come up with a sentence.

In addition, Liang Jiahui's most interesting photo is with Wu Xuxi, executive deputy general manager of Chang 'an Mazda Automobile Sales Branch. He and Liang Jiahui share the same frame to explain that they are about to have business contacts. In the photo, Liang Jiahui holds the base of the car model in both hands, and the opened packaging box is placed on his legs. He himself looks very seriously. In addition, Liang Jiahui also drank with Wu Xuxi, which had the taste of "getting drunk and eliminating hatred".


CX-50 line was also officially listed on May 25, with a price range of 1598 - 106,800 yuan, of which 2.0L price range is 1598 - 177,800 yuan, and 2.5L price range is 1758 - 206,800 yuan. It is understood that the CX-50 is a brand-new compact SUV based on the front-row transverse platform, which can be regarded as the successor to the CX-5, but positioned slightly higher than the CX-5.


In terms of appearance, the CX-50 still adopts the classic family design language, the larger front grille structure remains unchanged but the shape becomes flatter, and the black grille frame extends to both sides to connect with the headlight group, forming an integrated design of grille and headlight. In addition, the front surround design is very rough, the front bumper on both sides of the air duct and the front lip of the silver grille, so that the new car looks more tough.

On the side of the body, the black trim panel extending from the front surround to the side skirt and then to the rear surround looks very rough, the mirror housing is blackened to further enhance the sporty feel, and the black trim at the wheel eyebrows and side skirts presents its cross-border attribute. At the rear of the car, the blackened round tail lamp adopts the same three-dimensional design as MX-30. The tail lamp adopts blackened design. The internal structure is similar to that of the headlamp, so the lighting effect will be very recognizable. At the same time, a long high-mounted brake light is embedded in the spoiler extending above the rear of the new car, which further enhances the sporty feel of the new car in conjunction with the horizontal lines on the tailgate and the double-sided double-outlet circular exhaust on the rear surround.

In terms of size, the CX-50 has a length, width and height of 4785/1920/1638mm respectively and a wheelbase of 2815 mm. It is positioned as a compact SUV, which is a full circle larger than the CX-5. For comparison, the CX-5 has a length, width and height of 4575/1842/1685mm and a wheelbase of 2700 mm.

In terms of interior decoration, the interior layout of CX-50 is consistent with that of overseas models. The small size center control screen is still set above the center console convenient for drivers to observe. It has built-in the third generation Mazda Yuelian system. For the first time, Android system and multi-window interface operation mode are adopted, and command switch and touch screen operation are supported. The instrument is also a liquid crystal + mechanical combination, but the brand-new family style makes the interior look more rigid, three-spoke multi-function steering wheel, through-air conditioning air outlet and other designs give consideration to technology and texture.

In terms of power, CX-50 provides two power options of 2.0L and 2.5L in the early stage, among which the maximum power of 2.0L engine is 114kW, peak torque is 200N·m, the maximum power of 2.5L engine is 138kW, peak torque is 250N·m, the transmission aspect is equipped with 6AT gearbox, and hybrid models will be launched in the future.

The CX-50 is the first model launched after the merger of North and South Mazda. Its competitors are Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4. The former sold 43010 vehicles from January to April 2023, while the latter sold 40984 vehicles, while the CX-5 weighed 3445 vehicles. In today's environment, Toyota RAV4 Rongfang, Honda CR-V as the representative of the joint venture brand fuel vehicles to give more and more concessions, CX-50 is facing a lot of pressure.


If Mazda really invited Liang Jiahui as the spokesperson of the CX-50, the effect would definitely be explosive, and perhaps it would have a certain impact on the sales volume of the CX-50. However, whether Liang Jiahui is the spokesman of CX-50 also needs to be further announced by the official.

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