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New Palin official map released

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On June 6th, Zhengzhou Nissan hard cross-country SUV-- new Palin official map officially released, the new car will no longer use Nissan LOGO, the new LOGO means that Paladin's position will be lower than Tuda, and will be recognized by consumers with lower market prices. According to Zhengzhou Nissan, the new generation of Paladin will be listed soon, but the exact time of listing is unknown.


It was the Paladin that China first took part in the Dakar Rally in 2004, and it was this race that made Paladin well known. It is understood that Paladin originated from Nissan's best-selling SUV--TXERRA in North America. Zhengzhou Nissan named it "Paladin" after it was introduced into China in 2004, and made improvements to the Chinese market to make it more urban and cross-country performance. The SUV built by Paladin based on the Navara pickup platform was depressed because the platform was too old. Paladin finally stopped production and sales in 2017, and the new generation of TXERRA changed its name to "Tuda" and became Paladin's successor.


From the point of view of the official map, the new generation of Paladin basically continues the overall styling design of Nissan Tuda. In addition to using the new logo, the new Paladin weakened Nissan's familial V-shaped chrome front grille in the front grille area, replaced the all-new mesh style black front grille, and added imitation vent details in the front wing area.



Compared to Tuda, the new Paradin adds a large roof spoiler at the rear, and the chrome banner located at the top of the rear license plate area also uses the new "PALADIN" letter logo to reflect the identity of the new Paladin model. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new Palin are 4882/1850/1875mm, the wheelbase is 2850mm, and the length and wheelbase are consistent with Nissan.



In terms of interior decoration, the new generation of Palin car does not continue the Nissan Tuda design, in which the overall modeling style of the console is similar to that of Zhengzhou Nissan Parasso and Vernon 7, and the car adopts double color matching. Leather-wrapped diamond stitches are used in the door panel and front row central handrail area at the same time, and the overall interior style is stable. In addition, the new car is also equipped with a 12-inch vertical suspension central control screen, which can show a 540 °view of the body through the body radar + panoramic image + chassis perspective. In terms of intelligent configuration, the new Paladin is also equipped with ADAS driving assistance system, including ACC adaptive cruise, BSD blind spot monitoring and FCW front collision warning and other mainstream functions.


In the power part, the new Paladin is equipped with a 2.0T turbocharged engine provided by Shenyang Aerospace Mitsubishi, with a maximum power of 168kW and a peak torque of 360N ·m, matched with the ZF 8AT gearbox. For comparison, Nissan Tuda is equipped with a 2.5L naturally aspirated engine with a maximum power of 142kW and a peak torque of 245N ·m, matched with a 6MT/7AT gearbox. The new car is also equipped with electronically controlled front / rear axle differential lock + triage central lock, which can estimate the front and rear axle driving force in real time through attitude change. New Paladin has 12 functions integrated with ROP body anti-tilting protection and ESC electronic body stabilization system to ensure steady-state control in vertical and horizontal conditions.

In March 1993, Zhengzhou Light Automobile made use of some state-owned assets to form a joint venture with Chinese and Japanese parties-Zhengzhou Nissan Automobile Co., Ltd. (Zhengzhou Nissan for short). In early 1999, Zhengzhou Nissan introduced D22 series pickup cars newly developed by Nissan Company and produced them in batch in China. In February 2003, Zhengzhou Nissan Paladin (Paladin) officially listed, participated in the Dakar Rally and successfully completed the race, successfully challenged the 26th Dakar Rally ranking 57th, ushering in a new era for China's participation in the world's top auto races, Paladin was also noticed by the Chinese people.


In October 2004, Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. acquired Zhengzhou Nissan shares controlled by CITIC Group and became the controlling shareholder of Zhengzhou Nissan. In the same year, Nissan (China) Investment Co., Ltd. was established to manage the business in China together with the headquarters of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. to achieve the integration of business in China, development into the fast lane.

Before Zhengzhou Nissan was controlled by Dongfeng Motor, its products were mainly concentrated in LCV (light commercial vehicles), and passenger cars were not a market segment that Zhengzhou Nissan was good at. After Dongfeng Motor holding, Zhengzhou Nissan began to implement the strategy of joint operation of Nissan, Dongfeng and Dongfeng demeanor. From the point of view of product distribution, the main models of the Nissan brand are Paladin, NV200 and NAVARA Navarra pickup trucks, all of which bear the NISSAN logo.


However, Zhengzhou Nissan has never stepped into the ranks of China's mainstream carmakers, and the almost zero product power of its models has dashed Zhengzhou Nissan's unrealistic sales targets. Zhengzhou Nissan, which sold 101000 vehicles for the whole year in 2010, announced a medium-term target of 200000 vehicles for 2012. However, after peaking at 116000 in 2011, sales fell for years, leaving only 26000 in 2016.

The failure to achieve the target sales makes Zhengzhou Nissan a "hot potato". In November 2017, Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. and Nissan (China) Investment Co., Ltd. withdrew, and Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. increased its shareholding to 100%, becoming the wholly-owned controlling shareholder of Zhengzhou Nissan.

On August 12, 2018, Zhengzhou Nissan Tuda went public with a price range of 16.98-245800 yuan. Previously, Nissan had only two hard-line SUV models in the domestic market, Paladin and Tule, but Paladin was too old and Tule was too expensive. The emergence of Tuda provides a good choice for potential users of hardline SUV, especially on the premise that the price is also quite strong.

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