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Another new force, the Ministry of Justice, is online!

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After Lulai Automobile, Xiaopeng Automobile and Zero Motor opened the Weibo of the Ministry of Law in May, another car enterprise legal Department Weibo was launched. Yesterday, the official Weibo of the Polar Krypton Automobile Law Department was launched and has been certified by the enterprise. At present, the Weibo has not released any content.


The "Ministry of Justice" seems to have become a "tool" for car companies to safeguard their rights, and they all hope to protect their legitimate rights and interests through the Ministry of Justice and make the information more transparent.

On May 8, NIO opened a Weibo account of "NIO legal Department" on the social platform. On May 10, the Ministry of Justice of NIO said that in the near future, a number of organized and large-scale malicious attacks on NIO and NIO users, as well as a large number of negative comments on the water army with the same content and the same theme, will safeguard their legitimate rights and interests through litigation and other means. At the same time, it specifically pointed out that it had filed a lawsuit against Douyin millionaire Che Shiji, demanding an apology and compensation of 2 million yuan. On May 15, the Ministry of Justice of NIO issued another article saying: "Mavericks say car" has released more than a dozen short videos in a row, using insulting, vulgar, vulgar and vilifying words to fabricate facts and distort and interpret information about NIO and NIO users. The lawsuit that has been filed against Gu Yubo, the owner of the Douyin account "Mavericks said car", has also been formally filed by the court.


After the opening of the legal Department of Xilai Automobile, Xiaopeng's official Weibo was launched on May 9, with the first blog post saying: "the Internet is not a place outside the law." New here, please give me some advice.


On May 15, the zero-running car also launched the "Zero-running Automobile Law Department". On the day it went online, it said: "recently, there has been a frequent malicious derogation and smear of zero-running cars on the Internet, causing serious misleading to the public and greatly harming the legitimate rights and interests of zero-running cars. In view of this, zero-running cars are protecting their legitimate rights and interests through litigation and other means. In the article, it specifically pointed out that it would deliberately scold the investor confidence and social evaluation of zero-running cars in the investment market to "Youshi Automobile" and its operator Hunan Youshi Infinite Culture Communication Co., Ltd., and formally sued for reducing the reputation and brand image of zero-running cars, demanding that the other party immediately delete the content, apologize and compensate 500000 yuan. The court has officially filed a case.


It is worth noting that before this, many car companies have already opened Weibo legal Department accounts. For example, Tesla, ideal Automobile and so on have already opened accounts of the Ministry of Justice. In addition, BYD, Great Wall Motor, Geely and other car companies also have opened false information reporting centers and other official accounts. BYD opened the "BYD News Anti-counterfeiting Office", Great Wall Motor opened the "Great Wall Automobile Network reporting Center", and Geely opened the "Geely Network false Information reporting Center". From another point of view, these accounts are also the existence of the legal department of automobile companies.

Great Wall Motor launched a special net operation to crack down on the "Internet Water Army" on March 10, offering a reward of 10 million yuan. It is the first time to comprehensively disclose the online reporting channels and strike a heavy blow against the "Internet Water Army" with practical actions.


It is not difficult to see that with the rapid development of new energy vehicles, car companies pay more and more attention to the network public opinion. The opening of the legal Department is a general trend for automobile companies and has a certain deterrent effect. At the same time, it is also an important measure to convey information and maintain its own brand. After all, the current brand maintenance of car companies not only depends on the word of mouth of users, but also a lot of public opinion from the Internet, if there are a large number of bad network public opinion will also affect the sales of car companies to a certain extent. Some people in the industry have pointed out that car companies have set up official accounts of the Ministry of Justice, mainly in order to safeguard their rights and voice more effectively. Public relations is a means, and the law is a weapon. Opening a legal account is, to some extent, a deterrent.

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