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Ideal to announce sales! Li Xiang: sales surpass BBA in 2024

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On June 13, ideal officially released its sales figures for the past week. In the 24th week of 2023, its weekly sales reached a new high of 8400, far surpassing other new power brands. Among them, zero run was 3000, momentum was 2300, and Nahu was 1900. The ideal car exceeds the combined sales of the second, third and fourth on the list. In the luxury brand market, ideal car ranks fifth with 8400 cars. The top four brands are Tesla, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and BMW, with sales of 16400, 12700, 12300 and 11500 respectively.


In addition, according to the data released by ideal Motors, as of June 11, the cumulative sales of ideal cars in May was 11900, with 4400 zero-running cars in second place, and Tengli ranked third with 3500. This was followed by NIO, Nezha, Polar Krypton and Xiaopeng, all at the level of 2000. In the luxury car brand list, ideal car continues to be firmly in the top five, is the highest ranked Chinese brand on the list.


As for the performance of the ideal car, Li would like to post on the social platform: "this week we have only three SUV models, which exceeds the total sales of all SUV products of any BBA brand in the Chinese market." With the delivery of pure electric models and the ideal L6 (parameter | inquiry) next year, we are confident that total sales will exceed BBA by 2024. Even if you focus on this market segment of high-end home users, you can make a very large scale. " In response, some netizens commented that "ideal is thinking about how to do domestic competitors every day." In this regard, Li would like to retweet, "what can be done about the sales of the three melon dates of many competitors?" Delusions of persecution? Our core focus has always been on BBA's plate. "



In addition, Li Xiang also published an article to talk in detail about the "ideal automobile core competitiveness." Li would like to reveal that at the end of September 2022, the ideal reached an important consensus at the Yanxi Lake Strategy meeting: "learn comprehensively from HW (Huawei), learn from the most advanced enterprises, and upgrade to a matrix organization as soon as possible, so that you can fight positional warfare and bid farewell to guerrilla warfare completely." It is reported that the ideal automobile management team buys no less than ten public books from Huawei.

In addition, Li Xiang also posted a long article on Weibo about "the driving force of an ideal car". Li Xiang said that our core driving force has only two words: growth. Growth is a closed loop of two parts: one is learning, the other is training.


Li Xiang said that Huawei's empowered M7 directly crippled the ideal ONE and had never encountered such a strong competitor, which led to the collapse of the sales of the ideal ONE for a long time and stopped production ahead of schedule. Li Xiang said frankly, "We have not complained about HW at any level. we first admit that we are a group of idiots, we are like fake guerrilla rookies, and the sales of the ideal ONE is luck, not strength."

Li Xiang said that in September 2022, a consensus was reached that the ideal management team would learn from Huawei and upgrade to a matrix organization as soon as possible. The management team bought no less than ten copies of Huawei's public books each. Li Xiang said that the knowledge learned requires actual combat before it can grow. Among them, in the attack actual combat, learned from BBA how to open a 4S store, how to choose a location, and reduced the cost of getting customers to the mall store 1Accord 5 and so on. As for the actual combat of defense, I learned the advantages of many products on Xiaopeng G9 and summarized the reasons for their delay and collapse. Since then, we have also carried out defensive actual combat such as Teng Teng D9, Zhiji LS7, NIO ES7, WEY Blue Mountain, NIO ES6 and so on. We have learned a lot in the training of each product, whether it is product ability or sales ability. One of the most learned is really momentum D9, BYD's organizational ability and trading ability and its scale growth ratio, has been far better than other enterprises.

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