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Another new American power is about to enter China!

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A few days ago, American electric vehicle brand Fisker announced that it will open its first delivery center in China in 2023 and deliver Fisker Ocean to Chinese users in the first quarter of 2024. It is understood that the management of Fisker has visited China a few days ago and met with officials and business leaders in Shanghai to discuss the possibility of cooperation. The dialogue mainly focused on the supply chain, warehousing, logistics and other aspects. Based on this, it is analyzed that the first delivery center of Fisker is expected to be in Shanghai, and the possibility of setting up a factory in China will not be ruled out in the future.


Henrik Fisker, founder and CEO of the Fisker brand, said: "We are very pleased to enter the Chinese market later this year, we expect China to become an important growth market for electric vehicles in the future, and we believe that our cars will be very attractive, which is why we have set up an office there and intend to open a delivery center this year. I believe we can start delivery as early as next year, and it is possible to achieve annual sales of 75000 vehicles in China. "

Data show that Fisker Automotive was founded by Henrik Fisker, Henrik Fisker is a well-known designer in the automotive industry, has worked in BMW, Ford and other automobile companies, BMW Z8, Aston Martin DB9 and so on, he also participated in the pre-design of Tesla Model S, so he was confused with Tesla. In 2008, Tesla sued Fisker, accusing him of plagiarizing Tesla's technology for his Fisker Karma model, but the lawsuit ended in Tesla's defeat, paying Fisker more than $1.1 million in legal fees.


At the 2010 Shanghai Auto Show, the Fisker Karma announced a pre-price of 1.6 million yuan. It is equipped with a hybrid system of 2.0T gasoline engine and electric motor, with a maximum power of 402hp, a maximum torque of 1300N ·m and a fuel consumption of less than 2.4L per hundred kilometers. Of course, such a high price is destined to be difficult for it to develop in the domestic market. In 2014, Wanxiang Group acquired Fisker Automotive, including the technical design rights of Fisker Karma and the production equipment of Fisker in Delaware, but Henrik Fisker retained the trademark and brand name of Fisker. In 2016, Henrik Fisker regained its strength and announced the establishment of Fisker Inc. The new company will focus on the development and manufacture of pure electric vehicles with self-driving, beautiful and Internet-connected functions.


In July 2020, Fisker Inc completed $50 million in round C financing. In October 2020, Fisker Inc successfully landed on Nasdaq through a reverse takeover under the symbol FSR, and its share price rose 13% to $10.14 on the day of listing. However, as of press time, Fisker shares had fallen to $6.285, with a total market capitalization of $2.074 billion.


The first production car, the Fisker Ocean, which was officially unveiled at the 2021 Los Angeles Auto Show, was Magna's first contract car for an electric car start-up. It went into production at Magna's carbon neutralization plant in Gratz, Austria, in November 2022, and delivered its first Ocean in Copenhagen, Denmark, in May 2023. According to the official website, the car is available in Extreme, Ultra and Sport, starting at $68999, $49999 and $37499, respectively.

Fisker Ocean overall shape is more square, the front shape has a high degree of recognition, it is equipped with the rare intake grille of pure electric vehicles, and a large number of black elements also make the car more cross-border attributes. On the side of the body, the new car also uses a unique design, and the black suspended roof plays a good role in embellishment. At the same time, the black rims and black panels at the wheel arch can make the SUV look wild. The style of the rear is similar to that of the front, the narrow taillights have a very high degree of recognition, and the rear surround design is more complex. It is worth mentioning that Fisker Ocean is also equipped with solar charging panels on the roof, which can slightly improve the range of the vehicle.



In terms of interior decoration, Fisker Ocean is similar to Ulai, both equipped with a vertical central control screen and a full LCD dashboard, and the central control screen can be rotated like BYD. In addition, Fisker Ocean retains a large number of physical buttons in the car, the steering wheel also uses a double-spoke design, and the seats and floors in the car are made of environmentally friendly materials.


In terms of power, the Fisker Ocean will provide three sets of powertrains: the Sport version is equipped with a single motor with a maximum power of 275hp and an acceleration time of 6.9s for 0-60mph (0-96km / h); and the Ultra version is equipped with dual motors with a maximum power of 540hp and an acceleration time of 3.9s for 0-60mph (0-96km / h) The Extreme and One versions are also equipped with dual motors, but with a maximum power of 550hp and an acceleration time of 3.6s at 0-60mph (0-96km / h).

The Fisker Ocean will be equipped with a battery pack provided by Ningde Times, with ternary lithium batteries for high capacity and lithium iron phosphate batteries for low capacity. Take the Fisker Ocean Extreme, which is the first to start delivery, as an example, the car is equipped with a Hyper Range battery pack with a capacity of 113kWh and a range of 707km under WLTP conditions with 20-inch rims and 701km under WLTP conditions with 22-inch rims.

In addition to Fisker, including Faraday Future, Lucid have been rumored to be about to layout in the Chinese market. According to Interface News, Zhu Jiang, the former vice president in charge of user development and operations of Jidu Automobile, has joined Lucid, a new US car-building force, in charge of the Chinese market. "Lucid is beginning to prepare for entry into the Chinese market," Zhu said. According to the Lucid product plan, the brand will launch seven models on three platforms, including a medium-sized sedan with a positioning similar to Tesla Model 3, which is expected to sell for about 200000 yuan after it is made in China.


At present, China is not only the largest automobile market in the world, but also the largest new energy vehicle market in the world. more and more overseas brands hope to make some achievements in the Chinese market, but according to the current performance of the Chinese market, except Tesla, the performance of other overseas brands of new energy vehicles is mediocre. Today, the competitive environment facing China's electric car market is very different from that when Tesla first joined the bureau. At that time, Tesla stood out alone. Now the power pattern of car-building has initially stabilized, and the new energy brands of traditional carmakers are making efforts. Other overseas brands need to be prepared for a long battle if they want to get a piece of the fierce Chinese market.

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