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The travel edition of ET5 is on the market, can it be popular?

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On June 15, the ET5 Touring (travel version) was finally released and put on the market, with a total of new models with a price range of-10,000 yuan. It is understood that the ET5 Touring is the first station wagon in NIO, based on the ET5 sedan, the appearance and interior design is basically the same as the ET5 sedan, but the head space is more abundant, and many travel-related functions and configurations have been added. For reference, the adjusted ET5 starts at 298000 yuan, while the ET5 travel version costs slightly more than the ET5.

In terms of appearance, as ET5 Touring is based on the ET5 car, the front face is basically the same as the car version, which is still the latest family design style and the overall line is simple and atmospheric. The difference between the two models mainly focuses on the rear part. The rear shape of the ET5 sedan is indeed attractive enough, but in order to take care of the space in the back, the roof does not look so coordinated, and ET5 Touring solves this problem very well. The new hatchback compartment replaces the slip-back body and duck tail design, further lengthens the visual length of the side, and the whole car looks longer. At the same time, the roof is designed with a downward pressure tilt, and a rear spoiler is added at the rear, with red brake calipers to make it look more sporty.



In terms of size, the length, width and height of ET5 Touring are 4790/1960/1499mm and the wheelbase is 2888mm. For comparison, the Audi A4 AVANT has a length, width and height of 4770/1847/1459mm and a wheelbase of 2822mm. The length, width and height of the Volvo V60 are 4778/1850/1437mm and the wheelbase is 2872mm. Overall, the ET5 Touring is bigger than luxury station wagons of the same class on the market.



In terms of interior decoration, the ET5 Touring is not very different from the car version, with a 12.8-inch central touch screen and liquid crystal dashboard, the entire dashboard and central control screen use independent suspension design, while providing six interior colors for consumers to choose from.

In terms of power, consistent with the ET5, the new car will be equipped with front 150kW induction / induction motor and rear 210kW permanent magnet / synchronous motor, and the total power of the system is 360kW. The battery is also expected to provide three 75kWh/100kWh/150kWh capacities.

In the domestic market, station wagons, hunting trucks and crossovers are niche markets, with almost no precedent for volume. The reason why the station wagon does not exist in the domestic market, either the brand is not good, or the price is too expensive. Earlier, SAIC GM Baojun launched a compact station wagon called "Valli" in June 2021, with a price of 7.98-105800 yuan. According to the price, Baojun Valli has few competitors in the same class, but even so, the sales volume of Baojun Valli is still very mediocre. On the one hand, the selection and purchase of 100000 yuan class models are mainly cars and SUV, on the other hand, Baojun brand does not have much sense of existence in the domestic market. In the end, Baojun Valli had no choice but to stop production and sale. In addition, most station wagons are expensive, especially luxury brands. The Audi A4 AVANT instruction starts at 359800 yuan, which is 80, 000 yuan more expensive than the Audi A4. Therefore, the niche market positioning coupled with expensive market pricing is destined to be owned by only a small number of people.

However, polar krypton 001 is an exception, its positioning pure electric hunting version of the station wagon, the highest monthly sales of more than 10,000, is a good performance in the station wagon market. The same is true of ET5 Touring, polar krypton 001 has proved that the pure electric station wagon market is feasible, ET5 Touring does have some opportunities, but how to face the strong competitor of polar krypton 001 is also a question to be considered. It is understood that ET5 Touring will also be launched in the European market, and station wagons are a favorite of Europeans, which can boost sales to some extent. Of course, in overseas markets, the brand recognition of NIO is not as good as Audi, Volvo and other luxury brands, which is also a problem that NIO needs to continue to deepen.

On June 9, NIO announced its financial results for the first quarter of 2023, showing that during the reporting period, NIO realized operating income of 10.68 billion yuan, an increase of 7.7% over the same period last year, of which vehicle sales revenue was 9.22 billion yuan, down 0.2% from the same period last year; a net loss of 4.74 billion yuan, an increase of 165.9% over the same period last year; in addition, the gross profit margin for the first quarter was 1.5%, compared with 14.6% for the same period, and the gross profit margin for cars was 5.1%, compared with 18.1% for the same period.


Data show that a total of 43854 new cars were delivered from January to May in 2023, an increase of 15.81% over the same period last year, of which 6155 new cars were delivered in May, down 12.37% from the same period last year. In addition, delivery guidelines for the second quarter of 2023 are 23000 to 25000 vehicles, and delivery is expected to return to the 10, 000 level in June, according to the results.

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