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Punch! Xiaopeng Automobile Law Department publishes the case report

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After Xiaopeng Motor opened the official Weibo of Xiaopeng Automobile Law Department in May, Xiaopeng Automobile Law Department began to strike hard.


The online water army in the auto industry has existed for a long time, and with the increasingly fierce competition in the auto market, organized rumor attacks aimed at auto companies are becoming more and more serious, Xiaopeng's official Weibo post said on June 16. A series of "water army operations" of fraudulent use of identity, reading pictures and words, smearing rumors, manipulating public opinion, and misleading the market and users have seriously infringed upon the rights and interests of Xiaopeng Motor and Pengyou. Xiaopeng Motor said that after verification by the Ministry of Justice and investigation and collection of evidence, it has now grasped the identity of several rumor mongers, and has initiated judicial rights protection procedures, and will take legal measures to investigate the legal liability of organizers, planners and implementers.


At the same time, three pictures have been released by officials. From the picture point of view, the content involves poor sales of Xiaopeng cars, Zhihu users claiming to be Xiaopeng supply chain company, Xiaopeng wedding car fleet collective driving assistance did not stop, wedding cars into accident cars and other news. In addition, there is also a picture entitled "notice of filing a case", which shows that Xiaopeng car was found to be a case of trouble, which meets the criteria for filing a case, and has now been put on file for investigation. In this regard, many netizens have expressed support that: finally, we must strike hard and look forward to the follow-up results!


In fact, Xiaopeng made a clarification on the official Weibo account earlier about Xiaopeng's wedding car fleet's collective driving assistance did not stop, and the wedding car turned into an accident car. It is understood that on April 20, many netizens on the Internet posted that Xiaopeng P7 collectively opened an auxiliary car and became an accident car. In addition, there are many pictures about the collective rear-end of Xiaopeng car spread on the network.

Subsequently, Xiaopeng officially said: it was found that someone on the Internet deliberately smeared Xiaopeng with ordinary accidents to assist driving. It was verified that this happened during the National Day holiday last year, and the driver at that time Pengyou did not use auxiliary driving, just a simple traffic accident; at the same time, the authorities also released original Weibo screenshots of the car owners refuting the rumors at that time. Expressed: I hope that everyone will not spread rumors and will retain the legal responsibility of investigating the relevant rumors!



Other negative network news about Xiaopeng car may have something to do with the poor sales of Xiaopeng car recently. Xiaopeng's car sales have been declining since the second half of last year. The cumulative delivery volume of Xiaopeng cars in 2022 is 120800, only 48.32% of the annual target. After entering 2023, Xiaopeng's situation did not improve, which also raised concerns about Xiaopeng's future. The latest figures show that Xiaopeng's cumulative sales from January to May in 2023 were 32800, down 38.88% from the same period last year. The latest Xiaopeng car sales in May were 7506, lagging behind most of the new car-building forces.

Although Xiaopeng car sales are still not improving, officials believe that there are still opportunities and room for development. He Xiaopeng, CEO of Xiaopeng Automobile, has said that the two inflection points of Xiaopeng Automobile in the future are G6 and intelligent technology, especially high hopes for Xiaopeng G6. It said the G6 will become a popular style in China's 20-300000 yuan new energy SUV market, driving the company's total delivery volume to break out rapidly in the third quarter, forming a sales inflection point, and reaching a monthly sales level of 20, 000 in the fourth quarter.

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