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"MEGA"! The name of the first pure electric model of ideal car has been decided.

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The first all-electric car will be named "MEGA" and the new car will be released by the end of this year, the official announced at the launch of Home Technology Day held by ideal car on June 17. With regard to the prospect of new cars, officials said that MEGA embodies the latest scientific and technological achievements of the ideal "dual-energy strategy". Ideal cars are confident that MEGA will become the first sales of all passenger cars above 500000, regardless of energy form and body form, breaking the traditional perception that high-end pure electric cars cannot become explosive products. Liu Jie, vice president of ideal Automobile Business, also said: "We are confident that we will become the top seller of all passenger car models worth more than 500000 yuan."


According to previous information, the ideal MEGA is likely to be the ideal's first pure electric MPV (internal code name "ideal W01"), and the road test photos of the car have been exposed earlier. From the espionage photos exposed, the W01 front position is relatively short, using a "bullet" shape similar to the Harmony train, with MPV's iconic side sliding door design, and the front hatch position is tilted at a large angle. Previously, the media reported that the ideal W01 is between 5300 and 5400mm, with a width of about 2000mm, a height of about 1800mm, a wheelbase between 3200 and 3400mm, and a 4C battery.



Interestingly, after the earlier "ideal W01" road test spy photo was exposed, there was also a small episode in the controversy over the appearance of the new car. There are car bloggers reference road test spy photos and ideal car existing model design style combined to create an unofficial ideal W01 rendering video. From its released design video, the shape of the ideal MPV is different from that of the MPV on the market, and its A-pillar is very tilted.



In response to the "ideal W01" video designed by the blogger, ideal car CEO Li wanted to retweet and commented: if it is really designed like this, I will kill all the design team. In addition, Li said in the comments section that the shape of the ideal W01 is different from that of Elfa and more eye-catching than Ferrari.



It is worth noting that in the past two days, many bloggers participated in the ideal Family Science and Technology Day, and the ideal gave companion gifts to all invited guests before the release of Technology Day. According to the content posted by the blogger, there is a side manuscript of the first model of the ideal car in the gift. At the time, Li reposted comments on Weibo, one of the bloggers, saying: the model is inspired by whales, and there is a school of sharks behind it. At the same time, it is also revealed that the MEGA has a seven-seat version and an eight-seat version, which can also achieve all the functions and comfort of the VIP seat. As can be seen from the hand-drawn pictures released, the new car features a large slip-back design and a front windshield with a large tilt angle.


At present, the ideal car models on sale are L8, L9 and L7. The ideal L9 went on sale in June last year with a price of 459800 yuan, while the ideal L8, the replacement model of the ideal ONE, launched on September 30 last year. The ideal L7 went on sale on February 8 this year, launching a total of three equipped models with a price range of 319800-379800 yuan.

As we all know, building cars is a costly project, and ideal cars and other new forces made cars at a loss last year. According to the financial report released by ideal Automobile, the net loss of ideal Automobile for the whole year in 2022 is 2.032 billion yuan. Li Xiang once said: ideal L9 and ideal L8 work together to meet the needs of household users with a price range of 30-500000, and strive to achieve a monthly income of more than 10 billion yuan in 2022. When the two products are delivered at the same time, it's time to say goodbye to seven consecutive years of loss-making operations.


After the release of the ideal L8, L9 and L7 models one after another, the ideal car also turned a loss into a profit in the first quarter of this year. According to the first quarter results released by ideal Automobile, the operating income in the first quarter was 18.79 billion yuan, an increase of 96.5% over the same period last year, of which the net profit was 934 million yuan, an increase of 252.0% over the net profit of 270 million yuan in the fourth quarter of 2022. According to the official strategic plan, it will be fully developed in "Smart" and "Electric Power". By 2025, it is planned to form a product layout of "1 flagship model + 5 extended range electric models + 5 high voltage pure electric models", facing more than 200000 of the market. Fully meet the needs of household users.

It is not difficult to see that with the changes in the market, the ideal car also understands that there are obviously many variables in the market relying solely on a few models. Indeed, in the increasingly competitive automobile market, only by constantly updating models and putting in more models can we ensure our long-term market competitiveness.

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