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After three months on the market, Dongfeng Honda car has reduced its price!

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A few days ago, Dongfeng Honda announced that the official guidance price of the 2023 CR-V e:PHEV has been reduced by 20, 000 yuan, and the latest guidance price is 22. 59-269900 yuan.


The CR-V e:PHEV, the first plug-in hybrid model under Dongfeng Honda, went on sale on March 10 with a price range of 24.59-289900 yuan. It is understood that the overall appearance and interior design of the CR-V e:PHEV are consistent with the fuel version, with only differences in details, such as the blue embellishment on the brand LOGO to highlight the new energy attributes, and the "e:PHEV" logo on the lower right of the rear, emphasizing the identity of hybrid models. In terms of power, CR-V e:PHEV is equipped with the fourth generation i-MMD dual-motor hybrid technology, the system is composed of 2.0L Atkinson cycle naturally aspirated engine and motor, the transmission system matches the E-CVT stepless gearbox, and the comprehensive fuel consumption is 1.61L/100km.



It is worth mentioning that just last night, Guangzhou Auto Honda's new generation of Haoying e:HEV/e:PHEV models also officially launched, of which Haoying e:HEV launched a total of 5 models, the price of 19.99-263900 yuan, Haoying e:PHEV launched a total of 3 models, the price range is 22.59-259900 yuan.


As a sister model of the 2023 CR-V e:PHEV, the new Haoying e:PHEV is basically the same as the fuel version in appearance and interior design, only making adjustments in some details, including the use of the blue brand Logo and the addition of chrome-plated front bumper details. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4716/1866/1681mm and the wheelbase is 2701mm.



In terms of power, the new Haoying e:PHEV is equipped with a plug-in hybrid power system composed of 2.0L engine and motor, in which the maximum power of the engine is 110kW, the maximum power of the motor is 135kW, and the transmission system matches the E-CVT stepless gearbox. It is officially announced that the NEDC comprehensive fuel consumption of the e:PHEV model is 1.0L/100km, power consumption is 4.8L/100km, pure electric mileage 91km, and comprehensive mileage can reach 1060km.

Honda has long adopted a two-car strategy in the Chinese market. CR-V and Haoying are sister models to each other, and the two models will also become the most direct competitors. From the point of view of the price, the price of Haoying e:HEV and CR-V e:HEV is the same, both are 19.99-263900 yuan, the starting price of Haoying e:PHEV and CR-V e:PHEV is 225900 yuan, and the other two models CR-V e:PHEV are higher than Haoying e:PHEV by 10,000 yuan. As the source of sales of Haoying and CR-V, the fuel versions of the two models are sold for 18.59-249900 yuan.


On the market, RAV4 Rongfang / Weilanda is the opponent that Haoying and CR-V need to guard against, and they are also equipped with mature and reliable hybrid technology. On March 25, the new Weilanda went on sale, covering gasoline, HEV hybrid and plug-in models, priced between 17.38 yuan and 300800 yuan. As a sister model, the RAV4 has a price range of 17.68-296800 yuan. By comparison, the prices of RAV4 Rongfang and Weilanda are cheaper than those of the competition.

Dongfeng Honda CR-V e:PHEV price reduction, in addition to brother model Haoying listed, but also related to its market performance. Data show that from January to May 2023, CR-V sold 60348 vehicles, while Haoying sold 32662, while CR-V e:PHEV sold only 3037. For comparison, the cumulative sales of RAV4 Rongfang and Velanda are 54191 and 49550, respectively, but plug-in hybrid models are equally mediocre, with Weilanda's 2.5L smart plug-in twin-engine version selling only 285 vehicles, or about 50 per month.



At the 2023 Shanghai Motor Show, Honda CEO Miku Minhong said that other car brands are far ahead of Honda in electrification, which is much higher than Honda expected, if Honda does not adopt a counterattack strategy accordingly, then Honda will lose the game. Strategically, the CR-V e:PHEV price reduction can lower the consumption threshold and essentially boost sales, while after the e:HEV/e:PHEV model is added, the new generation of Haoying will be able to cover fuel, hybrid, plug-in three power systems, as well as five-seat and seven-seat layout, which can meet the needs of consumers to the greatest extent, but with the upward development of independent brands, it is expected that the joint venture plug-in will not have a significant boost to sales.

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