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Polar Fox Motors opens the legal Department! The first blog post is angry at millions of fans and car commentators.

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The "Ministry of Justice" may have become a "standard" for car companies. On June 20, Jihu Motors also opened its official account of the Ministry of Justice and handed over its first "notification letter" to Yuan Qicong, a well-known car blogger who has more than 2 million followers on Weibo. The reason is that the blogger insulted polar fox cars and their owners in the video.


ARCFOX extreme Fox legal Department said in the "notification letter" that the above-mentioned well-known car blogger Mr. Yuan continued to make derogatory remarks about our polar fox car products and slandered polar fox owners through the operating Douyin account and Weibo account respectively in the last two days, which not only had a negative impact on our reputation and social evaluation, but also hurt the feelings of the majority of polar fox owners.


In a video posted on the Douyin account "Yuan Qicong" on June 17, 2023, Mr. Yuan said that there were problems with "intelligent voice awakening and high-level driving assistance" of Jihu Alpha Motors. In the video, he insulted Jihu and its owners, calling it "bad", "bad" and "abusive", and said the users who bought it were "sick". In addition, on June 18, 2023, after deleting the Douyin video, Mr. Yuan posted an article on the account "Yuan Qicong", saying that there was a "defect" in the brakes of Ji Fox HI.

ARCFOX extreme Fox legal Department said: "as a user-oriented enterprise, Division I adhere to the user-centered, has always attached importance to customer experience and feedback, driving safety and product quality has always been the principle of our brand. Polar Fox Motor is a qualified product produced in strict accordance with national standards and industry standards. As a senior car critic, Mr. Yuan first commented on the functions of the polar fox intelligent car without logging in, and then, without strict testing, only through photo comparison and other means, slandered the brake of the polar fox HI car, which was unprofessional and objective, causing and guiding the audience and consumers to misunderstand the polar fox car. Mr. Yuan's article and video have gone beyond the reasonable scope of freedom of speech and social supervision, and have caused serious damage to our reputation and brand image. "

In view of this, Jihu Motors asked Mr. Yuan to permanently delete the content about the "defects" and "safety risks" that damage our reputation and brand image in all self-media accounts managed by the company immediately, and issue an apology. If the above request cannot be fulfilled, the right to pursue Mr. Yuan's legal liability will be reserved and Mr. Yuan will be required to compensate for the losses suffered as a result.

It is understood that polar fox car is a high-end brand created by BAIC new energy. The model mentioned above is the version of polar fox alpha S Hi, jointly launched by polar fox automobile and Huawei. It is the world's first mass-produced Huawei ADS smart car, and it is also the first high-end pure electricity production car equipped with Huawei Hongmeng OS. On May 19, polar fox announced that it would rename the polar fox alpha S Hi version to the polar fox alpha S advance version, and the price would be reduced by 100000 yuan to 329800 yuan.


It is understood that the above blogger "Yuan Qicong" is a senior car critic, currently has 2.046 million Weibo followers.


In response to the "notification letter" issued by ARCFOX's polar fox legal department, Yuan Qicong also responded on Weibo that he bought the shooting car and only mocked himself as the owner of the car, and had no intention of attacking other car owners. However, the content of the video is indeed improperly worded, which is easy to cause misunderstanding, so I accept the criticism of polar fox, apologize to the misunderstood owner and extreme fox, and promise to put meaningless and improperly worded words like "rich and sick". Delete all the words "rich and sick" that will cause dissatisfaction among car owners, and then re-upload the video after deleting the misworded conversation. But at the same time, Yuan Qicong also said that he adheres to his personal views on the evaluation part, including the inability to use the car function without logging into the account and the failure of the brakes, and insists that these contents will not be deleted.

With the increasingly fierce competition in the car market, there are a variety of chaotic phenomena on the Internet aimed at smearing some car companies, spreading rumors and manipulating public opinion. And many car companies also set up accounts of the Ministry of Justice to maintain their brand image and their own rights and interests. In addition to extreme Fox Motor, including Tesla, ideal Automobile, NIO Automobile, Xiaopeng Automobile, Zero running Automobile and Polar Krypton Automobile and other car companies have opened legal departments. Auto Industry concern believes that to some extent, opening a Weibo account of the "Ministry of Justice" may play a "deterrent" role, or better protect the legitimate rights and interests of car manufacturers.

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