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Brand new design! New generation Toyota C-HR official picture released

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On June 26th, Toyota officially released the new generation of Toyota C-HR official chart. The new car is based on the C-HR Prologue concept car, with a plug-in hybrid version and a GR Sport kit version.

It is understood that the new car will be the first to be launched in the European market this year, but there is no clear news as to when it will be introduced into China. As a reference, Guangzhou Automobile Toyota C-HR positioning small SUV, which is currently on sale in China, has launched a total of 15 models with a price range of 141800-192800 yuan.

As a replacement model, the new generation of C-HR has not changed much in appearance, basically continuing to use Toyota's latest family-style design. Specifically, the front face of the new car uses a "big mouth" intake grille similar to the Toyota C-HR Prologue concept car, and the net of the GR Sport suite version also has the letter "GR" logo, and the broken lines on both sides of the front cover are almost exactly the same as the concept car, and the two sides are matched with a narrow "C" shape headlight group, which is very aggressive in the overall visual effect.

The above picture shows the ordinary version of the car; the following picture shows the GR Sport kit version of the model.

On the side of the car body, the overall outline of the new car is still relatively compact, and the front and rear wing plates are slightly wider than the car body, forming a wide body visual feeling. But the side lines are sharp, the roof outline is also very radical, and the fashionable double matching colors are used to further enhance the visual impact for the vehicle. What has changed a lot is that both the front and rear door handles of the new car adopt the hidden design of conventional layout, which cancels the classic design of the door handle of the old model hidden on the C-pillar.

In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4360 mm, 1830 and 1558 (1564), respectively, and the wheelbase is 2640mm. By contrast, the new car is 30mm shorter and 35mm wider than the old model, and its wheelbase remains the same.

In the rear part, the new car adopts a new through taillight design, which is composed of three parallel horizontal lines, and the middle position is decorated with the English model name of "TOYOTA C-HR". The overall recognition is very high. In addition, the spoiler above the new car adopts a two-stage design, which brings more movement to the rear of the car.

The interior part, compared with the old model, the new car also has a very obvious change. The new car is equipped with a brand new 12.3-inch LCD dashboard and 12.3-inch floating central control screen, and greatly reduces the number of physical buttons in the car, making the overall layout look more concise. In addition, the new car uses leather-wrapped steering wheel, and uses a smaller size of the electronic shift lever, air conditioning outlet is a circular shape design, the overall more capable.



In terms of power, the new C-HR will offer hybrid, plug-in hybrid and pure electric versions for consumers to choose from. Among them, the plug-in hybrid model will carry 2.0L Atkinson engine and motor combination, the total system power of 223 horsepower, only two-wheel drive version The hybrid system model will be available in both .8L and 2.0L versions, of which the entry-level 1.8L hybrid system has a maximum power of 140hp, only a two-wheel drive version, a 0-100km/h acceleration of 9.9s, a 2.0L hybrid system with a maximum power of 198hp, a two-wheel drive version of 0-100km/h with an acceleration of 8.1s, and a four-wheel drive version with a 0-100km/h acceleration of 7.9s.

The C-HR is Toyota's second model based on the TNGA architecture, which is specially developed for the European market. Toyota began developing the C-HR in 2013, and its position in Toyota's SUV product line is lower than that of the RAV4 model. Toyota unveiled the C-HR concept car for the first time at the 2014 Paris Motor Show. At the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, Toyota officially launched a mass-production version of the C-HR, which locates a small SUV and competes with Buick Ankora, Honda and other models.

According to the data, the C-HR sold 120000 vehicles in Europe in 2017, making it Toyota's top-selling model in Europe. It should be noted that although the C-HR is designed for the European market, the concept car has attracted the attention of the global market since its debut, and Toyota decided to push it to the global market.

Toyota introduced the TNGA architecture to the domestic market in 2018, and launched two small SUV models, FAW Toyota Yize IZOA and Guangzhou Automobile Toyota C-HR, which are sister models to each other. In June 2018, Guangzhou Auto Toyota C-HR went public with a price of 14.48-179800 yuan, making it the brand's first small SUV. In the same month, FAW Toyota Yize went public with a price of 14.98-175800 yuan.

However, unlike the hot performance of the global market, sales of the two models have failed to stir up waves in the Chinese market after their launch. New car traffic insurance data show that Guangzhou Auto Toyota sold 2.26 C-HR vehicles in 2022 and FAW Toyota Yize sold 20500 vehicles. For comparison, Guangzhou Honda Honda XR-V and Dongfeng Honda XR-V, which also target small SUV, sold 107600 vehicles and 107800 vehicles respectively.

In December 2022, Toyota announced that the C-HR model would not be sold in North America, and in March this year, Toyota also announced that the C-HR model would stop production and sales in Japan in July. In the future, the market space will be filled by Carola Cross. At that time, the media said that the new generation of C-HR will continue to focus on the European market, but in view of the North American and Japanese markets have announced the suspension of production and sales, it is unlikely that the new generation of C-HR will be introduced into the North American and Japanese markets.


From the point of view of the appearance and positioning of the new car, compared with the old model, the new generation of C-HR has been significantly improved in all aspects, the styling design is more radical, and the plug-in hybrid version has been added in power. If the price is reasonable, the sales volume of the new car may be higher than that of the old model. However, the industry believes that in terms of market sales, Feng Landa / Carola Ruifang, which has a lower positioning but more space, sells better than the current C-HR, and the introduction of a new generation of C-HR into the domestic market may affect Feng Landa / Carola Ruifang. Of course, it is not clear whether Toyota will introduce a new generation of C-HR into the domestic market.

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