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A fight! A group fight was staged in an exhibition hall.

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Recently, a video about GAC Toyota booth staff fighting in groups has been circulated on the Internet. It is understood that the incident took place in the Toyota showroom of the Inner Mongolia Hohhot International Motor Show on June 11.

The video shows a man in a white shirt punching a man in a blue shirt, and then standing by the same staff member in the blue shirt quickly joined the fight, followed by another staff member in the blue shirt, resulting in a situation of three people beating one person. Other colleagues in white shirts, seeing their accomplices being beaten, also rushed over to join the fight.


Judging from the scene, the fight between the two sides was very fierce, the scene was chaotic for a time, and there were still a lot of staff fighting during the period. At present, it is not known which sales staff on both sides belong to, but from the on-site exhibition hall, the vehicles parked in the exhibition are Camry and Weilanda, and the brand shown in the exhibition hall is Guangzhou Auto Toyota.



A person familiar with the matter revealed that the reason for the outbreak of the conflict was the contradiction of robbing customers, which evolved into mutual affray. In addition, some netizens revealed that the blue clothes were sold by GAC Toyota and the white shirts were sold by FAW Toyota. However, the news was not confirmed by the parties concerned.


For this incident has also triggered a lot of hot discussion among netizens, some netizens commented: the auto show to retain the program, the industry is also highly mobile. It feels like there should be a fight between two different 4S customers at the auto show. Another netizen said: the auto show is the most popular competitive program in the auto show.




In fact, there are many incidents of group fights among salespeople at the auto show, and most of the fights are caused by robbing customers, leading to fights between the two sides. Auto show sales staff fighting events continue to be staged, but also from the other side reflects the reality of fierce competition in the auto sales industry.

With the fierce market, the performance requirements of sales staff are getting higher and higher. For salespeople, the annual regional auto show is the best time for auto sales to boost performance. After all, customers are more focused and easier to get at the auto show. However, most of the time, a brand booth is usually arranged by several exhibitors, and different exhibitors already have a competitive relationship, which often leads to conflicts because of the small things of the customers. In addition, from the customer's point of view, buying a car is a big expense, and there will be a mentality of "comparison of goods". It is very common to consult different salespeople about the preferential prices of new cars on the booth, which is more likely to cause conflicts between the salespeople of both sides and think that their customers have been robbed.

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