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Li Xiang: the first year delivery volume of the target luxury brand sales in 2025 is 1.6 million.

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On June 30, ideal Automobile released a letter from all its employees. In the letter, Li Xiang said that the three years from 2023 to 2025 will be the most important three years for an ideal car from stage 1 to stage 10. The goal of ideal car is to achieve the first sales of all luxury brands in the Chinese market (that is, the first sales of all passenger cars over 200000 yuan), with a delivery volume of 1.6 million vehicles per year.


In the full letter, Li would like to mention three major value propositions: on electric vehicles, so that electric cars can replace fuel vehicles on a large scale; on intelligence, to make artificial intelligence a new member of users' families; and about users, firmly serve the quality group of family users. Li Xiang said that the team's adherence to the three major value propositions that had reached consensus from the early days of its establishment was at the core of eight years of rapid growth.

At the same time, Li wants to reiterate that growth is the driving force of the ideal car. Previously, Li Xiang wrote on the social platform that the ideal car is not technology-driven, values-driven, or product-driven, but growth-driven. He believes that growth is a closed loop composed of learning and training, in which training is commercial actual combat for an enterprise, and only real combat is called training.


At present, there are three models of ideal car on sale, namely, L9, L8 and L7. The first production car, ideal ONE, officially announced the suspension of production and sale at the beginning of this month. Li would like to reveal that in 2025, the product matrix of ideal car will include one super flagship model, five extended range electric models and five pure electric models.

Earlier, Li wanted to post on the social platform: "with the delivery of pure electric models and the ideal L6 next year, we are confident that total sales will exceed BBA by 2024." Even if you focus on this market segment of high-end home users, you can make a very large scale. " One netizen commented, "ideal is thinking about how to do domestic competitors every day." In this regard, Li would like to retweet, "what can be done about the sales of the three melon dates of many competitors?" Delusions of persecution? Our core focus has always been on BBA's plate. "



Although Li's remark that he wants to call his competitors' sales "three melons and two dates" has caused a lot of controversy, it is undeniable that the current sales figures of ideal cars have widened the gap with other new car-building forces. Comprehensive data show that a total of 106500 ideal cars were delivered in the first five months, an increase of 124.87% over the same period last year. According to Li Xiang, ideal cars delivered more than 32000 vehicles in June, becoming the first new power car company to deliver more than 30, 000 vehicles a month. By the end of June, ideal had delivered more than 138500 vehicles. At the beginning of the year, ideal gave a sales guidance of 300000 and now has a target completion rate of 46 per cent.


On June 27th, Li wanted to clarify on Weibo: "there are media reports that our target for this year has been adjusted to 400000 vehicles. This report is wrong and unfounded." We completed more than 130000 vehicles in the first half of the year and do not have any capacity to complete 400000 vehicles in the whole year. Products, sales, production capacity, organization and other capacity do not support 400000 vehicles this year, and the gap is still huge. The capability chain of the automobile industry is built one step at a time, and there are no particular shortcuts. "


Under the pull of sales, the ideal car earnings figures are also eye-catching. In the first quarter of this year, ideal Automobile achieved revenue of 18.79 billion yuan, an increase of 96.5 percent over the same period last year, a record high and higher than market expectations. The net profit was 934 million yuan, and the net loss in the first quarter of 2022 was 10.9 million yuan, an increase of 252 percent from 265 million yuan in the fourth quarter of 2022.

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