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Big change! Shen Yanan withdraws from ideal car

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Recently, according to Tianyan App, industrial and commercial changes have taken place in Beijing che Hejia Information Technology Co., Ltd. Shen Yanan officially withdrew from the ranks of ideal automobile shareholders, with a shareholding ratio of 5.0768% before withdrawal. At the same time, the registered capital of Beijing car and Home has also been changed, from about 295 million yuan earlier to about 280 million yuan. Li tie and Shen Yanan will no longer serve as directors of the company. Li Xiang's position was adjusted from chairman and manager to executive director and manager, and Jia Xiaoyan was added to be in charge of finance.


According to relevant data, Beijing che Hejia Information Technology Co., Ltd. was established in April 2015, with Li Xiang as its legal representative. Earlier, Shen Yanan and Li tie were the co-founders of ideal Automobile. The business scope of the enterprise includes technology development, sales of auto parts, manufacture of new energy smart vehicles, engineering and technical research and experimental development, etc. At present, Li Xiang holds 95.0977% of the shares, while Li tie holds 4.9023%.



Although Shen Yanan officially withdrew from the ranks of ideal automobile shareholders, it can be seen from the app that Shen Yanan is still working in a number of ideal related companies. In response to Shen Yanan's withdrawal from the ranks of ideal car shareholders, ideal Automobile responded: Shen Yanan has officially left, and this is a normal change at present.

According to relevant information: before joining ideal, Shen Yanan held a number of positions in Lenovo, the highest as Lenovo's vice president of global supply chain and the chairman of Motorola Mobility (China), responsible for global supply chain operations. Served as President of ideal Automobile in November 2015, mainly responsible for the overall business strategy and business operations of ideal Automobile, with responsibilities covering sales, after-sales service, supply chain, manufacturing, quality and charging network.


In fact, the personnel change in the car and home was a sign as early as last year. On December 9 last year, ideal Motor announced the appointment of Shen Yanan as executive director and president of the company, and Ma Donghui was appointed as executive director and president of the company, effective January 1, 2023. Shen Yanan will also resign from other positions in the group, and his final working day is expected to be around the end of June 2023 in order to ensure a smooth transition.


It is worth noting that before ideal Motor announced Shen Yanan's resignation as executive director and president of the company last year, Shen Yanan sold ideal automobile shares twice, selling a total of 1 million ideal automobile stocks, cashing out nearly 100 million yuan.

In September last year, the topic of "ideal car CEO Cash out" was listed on Weibo. Shen Yanan, president of ideal Motor, reduced his stake in ideal Automobile by 400000 shares from 1.74% to 1.71% on September 2 last year, realizing US $5.2888 million, or about 36.63 million yuan, according to documents filed by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Another 600000 ideal auto shares were sold on Sept. 6, cashing out $7.875 million, or about 54.54 million yuan, with the shareholding falling from 1.71% to 1.68%. In just a few days, Shen Yanan sold 1 million shares of his own stock, cashing out 13.1638 million US dollars (about 91.18 million yuan). At that time, for Shen Yanan's reduction, the ideal side said that Shen Yanan's reduction is normal behavior, there is no need to over-interpret.


Regarding Shen Yanan's departure earlier, ideal car CEO Li Xiang once said in an internal letter: "Kevin (Shen Yanan) is a good partner in my work, as well as a good brother and teacher in my life. He will pursue a more exciting life with us after completing the most critical comprehensive organizational upgrade from 1 to 10."

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