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Citroen's 90,000 subsidy went down the drain? Customer service response: wait patiently

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In March this year, Hubei Province launched the strongest car purchase subsidy policy in history, of which Dongfeng Citroen attracted the most attention. The Citroen C6 co-creation model and C6 comfort model with an original guidance price of 211900 yuan and 226800 yuan dropped by 90, 000 yuan. With purchase taxes, license fees and insurance, Citroen C6 may eventually land at around 140000 yuan, and huge subsidies have attracted many consumers to rush to buy the car.


However, according to some car owners who bought cars online at that time, some consumers have not received the 90,000 yuan subsidy promised so far, which has triggered some car owners to protect their rights. Videos posted online showed some Citroen C6 owners gathered in front of a Dongfeng 4S store to defend their rights, holding a banner with the words "Hubei Citroen C6 subsidy 90,000 suspected of fraud".

According to media reports such as Interface News, more than 100 car owners participated in the protection of their rights, and most of them received half of the subsidy they were entitled to. As for when the remaining subsidies will be returned, the 4S store and Citroen customer service did not give a clear time point. Some car owners said that they reflected to the manufacturer's customer service why the subsidy was not distributed, but the other party just said that they were giving feedback and urging, and there was no specific time.



A car owner told Interface News that most of the 4S stores that participated in the price reduction subsidy had settled down, and many consumers received full subsidies one month after buying a car. Only Suizhou Junxian Citroen 4S store and Wuhan essence Citroen 4S store have the behavior of delinquent subsidy. The 4S store and Citroen customer service repeatedly passed the buck over the remaining subsidies, verbally promising settlement dates from July to August, which were supposed to be settled within 1 to 3 months of the car purchase. Consumers have collectively gone to the Market Regulatory Administration to defend their rights and were verbally promised that the remaining subsidies would be paid in August. The car owners' joint request for the 4S store to sign the document was rejected, and the two sides finally failed to reach an agreement on mediation.

In this regard, Dongfeng Citroen said that Suizhou Dongfeng Citroen dealer outlets have communicated with customers and reached a consensus, has cashed in 80% of the subsidy, the remaining 20% will be cashed in the agreed time after the material approval. Dongfeng Citroen official customer service also said that car purchase subsidy information has been submitted to the competent authorities, because the vehicle sales are large, the relevant departments also need time to review, at the same time, due to the requirement that ownership cannot be transferred within three months, car owners need to wait patiently. And stressed that it may also be related to the stores purchased, resulting in some of its subsidies failed to be issued.


It is understood that in early March, Hubei Province United Dongfeng system launched the "strongest car subsidy" in history, including Dongfeng Citroen, Dongfeng Peugeot, Dongfeng Nissan, Dongfeng Honda, Dongfeng Fengshen and other brands, products cover Citroen C6, Peugeot 408, Honda CR-V, Haoji and other main models, combined with manufacturers' profits, government subsidies, consumers can receive 4000 to 90,000 yuan in car subsidies. Among the many concessions, the Citroen C6 model is the biggest, with the original guidance price of 211900 yuan and 226800 yuan for the C6 co-creation model and the C6 comfort model, while the subsidy for other C6 models is between 40, 000 yuan and 46000 yuan. According to an internal document provided by the owner of Dongfeng Citroen, the subsidies for all models are shared by the enterprise and the government. Take Dongfeng Citroen C6 as an example, the government and enterprises each subsidize 45000 yuan, and the comprehensive subsidy is as high as 90, 000 yuan. For a car with a total price of about 210000, consumers can buy a car for only 120000.


However, there are also "restrictions" for consumers to buy "reduced price" models. The first requirement is that consumers should buy cars and license plates locally in Hubei. Most brands, including Dongfeng Honda, support subsidized and listed non-local accounts, but they need to be transferred three months later. Dongfeng Citroen, Peugeot car purchase conditions are more stringent, car buyers need to be registered in Hubei, or to meet special requirements (such as Hubei housing or social security in Hubei for more than half a year). Secondly, consumers who buy cars need to pay according to the guiding price. 4S stores will sort out and report the consumer information, and the final subsidy will be issued after examination.

It is worth mentioning that Dongfeng Citroen C6 sales have briefly surged under huge subsidies. Citroen C6 sales in March were 1259, up 436% from a year earlier, according to retail data from the Federation of Citroen. This exceeds the sales of the model in the past eight months. But Citroen C6 sales plunged 74.10% month-on-month to 326 in April, up from 356 in may.

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