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deal! BYD equation Leopard's first car is named "Leopard 5".

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Today, BYD's equation Leopard Automotive Officer announced that the first model was named "Leopard 5". It is understood that "Leopard 5" is positioned as a hardline SUV, focusing on cross-country and other scenes, with the internal code name "SF". The new car will officially go on sale this year, with an estimated price of 40-600000 yuan, and the first product will match the standard Mercedes-Benz G-Class.



According to the official plan, in the future, BYD's brands will form dynasty, ocean, momentum, look up and equation leopard brand matrix, covering areas from household to luxury, from mass to personalized, to meet the needs of users in all directions. At present, BYD Automotive's BYD brand covers two major product series: dynasty and Ocean, focusing on markets below 300000 yuan. The Tengli brand focuses on the high-end market in the range of 30-500000 yuan, with listed models such as Tengli D9 and Tengli N7, followed by sedans and urban sports cars. Look up to the brand, its main target is the million-level market. On June 6, the official registration of "equation Leopard" was regarded as the official name of BYD's "F brand".

The official announcement of "equation Leopard Automobile" also means that the layout of BYD auto brand matrix has been completed. "equation Leopard" is located in the dynasty and the sea, between momentum and look up, the products will cover the tough cross-country ability of the hard SUV and sports cars and other professional new energy models. Officials say the word "equation leopard" comes from a wonderful combination of "equation" and "leopard", which means to "solve the personalized changes in cars and users' lives with the professional wisdom and spirit of exploring the digital world." This combination combines the standards and rules contained in "equation" and the wildness and dexterity embodied in "Leopard", stimulating a unique brand color, and also showing the inherent super characteristics of the equation Leopard brand. BYD's bold thinking and exploration on the future automobile form and car life are condensed among them. As for brand positioning, BYD has said that equation Leopard will create new species products that are more extreme, unique and free through a professional standard and pure technology platform.


The spy photos of the equation Leopard's first model, "Leopard 5", have been exposed many times before. from the appearance, the new car uses the tough square SUV style, the front face design is chic, and the front side is equipped with a large headlamp group, highlighting the car's sense of strength. The body adopts strong body lines and a suspended roof design to enhance the dynamic and streamlined sense of the vehicle. In terms of size, the new car is nearly 5 meters long and has a wheelbase of nearly 3 meters. In terms of interior decoration, the central console of the new car is equipped with a number of LCD screens, the vehicle is full of science and technology, and the seat is arranged with five seats. In terms of outline, the profile is similar to that of U8, with a small schoolbag at the rear to further enhance the off-road flavor of the vehicle.


In terms of power, Leopard 5 may adopt a non-load-bearing body structure, equipped with Yunyi-p intelligent body control system and a new hybrid platform DM-o. It is understood that DM-o is BYD will launch a new exclusive hybrid system DM-o, BYD is following the two major hybrid technologies DM-i, DM-p, BYD launched the latest "trump card technology." The hybrid system of the new platform will combine the core technical advantages of DM-i and DM-p, with an integrated range of 1200 km and a maximum power of more than 500kW.


Earlier, the official release of the "2316" feature code, many people in the industry speculated that the new car may be equipped with dual motors (2), front, middle and rear three differential locks (3), comprehensive range more than 1000km (1), with 6 driving modes / June release (6). It is worth noting that this group of figures have recently been changed from "2316" to "2318", and many people speculate that the launch date of the new car may be postponed to August this year. From the point of view of the pricing of the new car, many people in the industry speculated earlier that the standard tank 300 and tank 500 would be aligned in the future. However, BYD denied the news of the bid Tank 300. From the perspective of the brand positioning of equation Leopard, it improves the layout of BYD's new energy passenger car and is the key layout for BYD to complete the whole field coverage. In addition to improving brand positioning, it can also increase BYD's market share.


According to the official plan, BYD has set an annual target of challenging 3 million vehicles this year. According to the latest sales figures, BYD sold 253046 new energy vehicles in June, up 88.79 per cent from the same period last year. From January to June this year, BYD sold 1255637 vehicles, an increase of 94.25% over the same period last year. With the arrival of the first model of equation Leopard, BYD's future sales will also be further improved.

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