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In June, the first place in the list of automobile complaints was BYD Han.

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According to car quality network statistics, a total of 14236 valid complaints were received by car owners in June 2023, a new high for the year, up 8.3% from the previous month and 24.9% from the same period last year. In June, there were a total of 724 models with valid complaint information, and 119 models with more than double-digit complaints.

According to the "TOP30 list of vehicle Complaints in June 2023", among the top 10 models on the list, domestic cars and joint ventures each accounted for 5 complaints. among them, BYD's Han models were complained to the top of the list, and the number of complaints increased from 254in May to 368 in June, an increase of 114 compared with May, but different from other complained models, BYD Han was complained because of "price change". In other words, BYD Han was complained about because of "price change". The complaint about the Han model is not that the vehicle itself has a quality problem.


A Chinese model 2022 DM-i 121KM premium model owner said: "1, less than a year of the same model has dropped tens of thousands, and the configuration is far less than the cash, the addition of aluminum alloy suspension, FSD suspension, blind area monitoring and so on, even the most basic iPhone using NFC functions, you have to add 1600 yuan to upgrade. And the manufacturer does not have any compensation! As an old car owner of a generation of Di fans, he feels extremely backstabbed, disgusting and chilled. 2. The suspension of the car is excellent and has a strong sense of turbulence. After all, the absence of aluminum alloy suspension, FSD suspension 3, car purchase shows that the pure electric mode can drive 121km, the actual maximum is no more than 90km, which is far behind the publicity. 4. In addition, on June 1, 2023, it was found that the maintenance price of the Han Dmi model soared by 50% without prior notice to the owner, because if the model wants to enjoy the official warranty of BYD, it must be maintained in the 4S store for life in accordance with its requirements, so the price increase is tantamount to a substantial increase in the cost of using the car in the long run, and BYD is strongly required to give a reasonable treatment plan. The whole car makes a noise and the seats are rusty. "


According to the top 10 models on the list, BYD Yuan PLUS was also complained about "price changes", but the number of complaints fell sharply 56 from May. In addition, BYD Seal received complaints about "price changes; suspected design defects" to third place on the list, but the number of complaints also improved significantly from May, compared with 1515 in May. On the other hand, the BYD destroyer 05 was complained to ninth because of "hybrid mode failure; price change".


Complaints about "price changes" also include Changan Auchan Auchan Z6 new energy and Dongfeng Peugeot 408 models. In fact, "price changes" are very common in the automobile industry. In particular, an unprecedented "price war" was launched in China in March this year, so "price reduction promotion by car companies" has also become the norm in the industry, but "Automobile Industry concern" believes that frequent price adjustments do cause confusion to car owners. Especially the price reduction, if the car companies can not appease the old car owners in time, it will easily make the old car owners unbalanced, for this reason, some car owners will also provide some compensation for the rights and interests of the old car owners.

In addition to BYD, FAW and Toyota also had a number of models on the list in June, including Crown, Ruizhi and Carola. Among them, Crown and Ruizhi were complained to the second and fourth places on the list, and the problem being complained was still the clich é of "instrument cracking." "parts aging", and this complaint is mostly focused on some Japanese brand models. In the complaint list in June, Changan Mazda Onksera and Dongfeng Nissan Teana also had the same complaint problem.


In addition, FAW Toyota RAV4 Rong Fang was also complained to No. 6 on the list because of "gearbox jitter and tire wear". The owner of the 2022 2.0L CVT four-wheel drive Plus said: "the Toyota Rongfang all-wheel drive plus purchased in October 2022, shipped in September 2022, obviously felt the car shake when it stepped on the accelerator at about 1100 when it was in N or P gear. Toyota is said to have notified dealers of the cause of the failure and how to repair it, and has not given any answer to car owners who left the factory in August-October 2022."


In addition to the above models, the BMW X3, Dihao L Hi P, Jetta VS5, Hanlanda, Ruihu 8, BMW 3-Series and Suiteng models were also in the top 20, with complaints such as "not in line with publicity; engine / motor oil burning", "system upgrade problems", audio and video system failure, "tire cracking; brake system noise" and "door smell; suspected design defects".

Throughout the list, in the "June 2023 vehicle complaint TOP30 ranking", the proportion of complaints from independent brands is significantly higher than that of joint venture brands. According to the data, the number of complaints against independent brands was 8630 in June, up 14.2% from the previous month, accounting for 60.7% of the total complaints, while the number of joint venture brand complaints was 5423, accounting for 38.1% of the total complaints. In contrast, the number of complaints and the proportion of complaints from imported brands have declined.


In addition, from the perspective of the country of automobile brands, in addition to the substantial increase in the number of independent brand complaints from the previous month, the number of complaints against American, Japanese and European brands also increased in June, with Japanese brands rising by 6.2% compared with the previous month. German brands have become the second highest proportion of complaints. In contrast, the number of complaints of French brands fell 39.2% in June from the previous month, a significant drop.

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