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Great Wall BYD and other auto companies have signed a commitment not to disrupt fair competition in the market at abnormal prices.

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On July 6, at the 2023 China Automobile Forum, the China Automobile Industry Association jointly signed the letter of commitment of the Automobile Industry to maintain Fair Market order in the Automobile Industry, together with senior officials of FAW, Dongfeng, SAIC, Changan, BAIC, Guangzhou, Sinotruk, Chery, Jianghuai, Geely, Great Wall, BYD, Ulai, Xiaopeng, Tesla and other enterprises.



In order to maintain a good automobile market order, jointly create a good consumption environment, actively stabilize and promote automobile consumption, we hereby make the following commitments:

First, adhere to the rules and regulations of the industry, standardize marketing activities, maintain the order of fair competition, and do not disrupt the order of fair competition in the market at abnormal prices.

Second, pay attention to the ways and means of marketing publicity, do not exaggerate propaganda, do not false publicity, do not mislead consumers in order to attract attention and increase the number of customers.

Third, carry forward the craftsman spirit of quality first and quality-oriented, and meet the needs of the people for a better life with high-quality products and high-quality service.

Fourth, carry forward socialist core values, actively fulfill social responsibilities, actively play a role in stable growth, strong confidence and risk prevention, bravely shoulder heavy responsibilities, and join hands to make important contributions to national economic growth.

The intensive listing of new cars and price wars occur one after another, the prices of joint venture brands continue to decline, and independent brands participate in the market competition in the way of increasing quantity without price increase.

Since the beginning of the year, Tesla has taken the lead in cutting prices and triggered new energy vehicle brands such as Xiaopeng and Mengjie to follow, and then the price war has spread from the new energy field to traditional fuel vehicles. In March, high government and enterprise subsidies from many brands of Dongfeng in Hubei Province pushed this wave of price cuts to a high point. According to incomplete statistics, nearly 50 car brands have joined the price war through official reductions, subsidies and other different forms.


On February 10th, BYD Qin PLUS DM-i 2023 Champion Edition officially went on sale, with a price range of 9.98-145800 yuan. The starting price of the champion version of Qin PLUS DM-i is set at less than 100000 yuan, which has entered the price range of compact fuel vehicles, meaning that it is beginning to compete directly with joint venture models such as Toyota Corolla, Nissan Xuanyi, Volkswagen Longyi and so on.

On May 15, Harvard Owl Dragon / Owl Dragon MAX officially launched, Harvard Owl Dragon positioning compact SUV, price range 13.98-156800 yuan; owl Dragon MAX positioning medium-sized SUV, price range 15.98-179800 yuan, it will be the first model equipped with Great Wall's new hybrid architecture Hi4 intelligent hybrid four-wheel drive system. The two models are aimed at BYD Song Pro and Song Plus, offering higher product configurations at similar prices. The owl Dragon MAX features all-wheel drive, and the top four-wheel drive version is nearly 40, 000 yuan cheaper than Song PLUS's top four-wheel drive.


The same is true of joint venture brands. The Buick E5 officially launched on April 13. The new car is based on the new pure electric medium and large SUV, which is based on the pure electric platform of Ortenone. It includes the standard life version of the battery life 545km, the long battery life version of the 620km and the Avia four-wheel drive version of the 603km. The price is 20.89-278900 yuan. As a medium and large pure electricity SUV, Buick E5 has a certain competitiveness in the joint venture pure electricity market. For a long time, the product pricing of joint venture brands is much higher than that of independent brands, especially in the new energy vehicle market, which is also the reason why the performance of joint venture new energy vehicles in the market has been relatively low.

On May 15, the guidance price of the new generation LaCrosse was reduced to 179900 yuan to 239900 yuan, compared with 2022 models, the price of the entry model was reduced by nearly 40, 000 yuan, and the price of the top-equipped Avia model was reduced by nearly 50, 000 yuan.


Henanda, who has always needed a price increase, has also put down her posture and offered a discount of 20,000 yuan for the new car on the market, which can be called the "hardest" new product in history. The elite PLUS version of Guangzhou Auto Toyota Hanlanda Intelligent Electric Mixer went on sale on June 10, with a price range of 268800-348800 yuan, with an additional 360 navigation integrated machine, leather seat and leather steering wheel, electric tailgate and atmosphere lights.

At present, the tense situation between car companies and suppliers continues. Since June this year, AITO and Geely Geometry have focused on issuing new car purchase subsidy policies, and Tesla has also opened preferential activities for inventory Model 3 and Model Y in North America. These signs indicate that the price war continues and the pressure from car companies and suppliers will not disappear.

As Wang Chuanfu said, "the current change in the automotive industry is actually a technological revolution. Internal combustion engines and engines are replaced by electromagnetic, motor and electrical control technologies. If there is no core technology, they are simply assembled." so it's obvious that the chances of survival are slim. "

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