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Ideal APP shielding Wei to charge the pile? The official refutes the rumor

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On July 2, 2023, Weibo users named "Shuishui Brother" posted a Weibo post on Weibo platform about "ideal car App shielding NIO charging pile". The Weibo content showed: "the ideal APP Sou NIO charging pile has been completely blocked. According to the search of APP, NIO is completely blocked, and the address is also completely blocked. The polar krypton charging pile is not shielded, but it is not shown on the map (probably because the polar krypton charging pile is called extreme charge, only the polar krypton is shielded, and there is no time to shield the key words of extreme charge). " .


In response to the Weibo content, on the evening of July 6, the official account of the ideal Automobile Law Department responded to the rumor that "the ideal car App shielded Weiwei to come to the charging pile". The ideal Automobile Law Department said that the content of the Weibo was completely inconsistent with the facts, and gave a detailed explanation of the actual situation.

The ideal Automobile Law Department pointed out: "the ideal car has been connected to a number of charging operators, among which one of the cooperative operators, Fast Power, has a cooperative relationship with Ulai Energy, the main operator of the charging pile. Before April 25, 2023, the ideal car App can search for the Xilai charging pile resources provided by the fast power company, but according to the feedback of the fast power company, the previous Xilai charging pile on-line belongs to the testing stage, and the testing period with fast electricity has now ended, and NIO Energy has not yet authorized it to be officially released on a third-party platform, so the ideal car App charging map can no longer search for Lulai charging piles. " At the same time, the ideal Automobile Justice Department stressed, "the ideal car App has never shielded the charging piles of the Ulay or any other car company." Ideal car welcomes all charging operators to enter the ideal car App. "


The ideal Automobile Law Department said that the false content and speculation released by the user "Shuishui Brother" had misled the public and infringed upon the brand reputation of the ideal car, which was a rumor-mongering act. It is hoped that the public will not believe or spread rumors. Ideal car will protect the legitimate rights and interests of car owners and ideal cars in accordance with the law, and reserve the right to sue rumor mongers.

With the increasingly fierce competition in the car market, there are a variety of online discredit, rumor-mongering, manipulation of public opinion against some car companies, and many car companies also set up accounts of the Ministry of Justice to protect their brand image and their own rights and interests.

In addition, at the 2023 China Automobile Forum held on July 6, the China Automobile Industry Association, together with representatives of 16 automobile companies, including FAW, Dongfeng, SAIC, Changan, BAIC, Guangzhou Automobile, Sinotruk, Chery, Jianghuai, Geely, Great Wall, BYD, Ulai, ideal, Xiaopeng and Tesla, jointly signed the letter of commitment of the Automobile Industry to maintain Fair Competition and Market order.



Miao Changxing, a first-class inspector of the equipment Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that the signing of the above-mentioned "letter of commitment" is necessary to curb unfair competition, maintain a good automobile market order, and create a good consumption environment. It is necessary to actively stabilize and promote automobile consumption. Miao Changxing suggested that the vast number of enterprises take the signing of the "letter of commitment" as an opportunity to standardize marketing activities and avoid chaos such as wanton price cuts and network water armies.

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