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Hundreds of people are involved? It is exposed that there are layoffs in the battery workshop of Tesla's Shanghai factory.

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According to media reports, some employees in charge of battery assembly at Tesla's Shanghai Super Factory are being laid off. According to people familiar with the matter, the layoffs mainly involve more than 50% of the employees in the first phase of battery assembly, with a specific number of about hundreds, most of whom have been laid off through negotiated compensation, a small number of people have been transferred, and the equipment in the first phase of battery assembly will also be dismantled or transferred, and the original production task will be handed over to the second-phase factory. However, the layoffs did not involve vehicle installation production line personnel.

According to insiders, Tesla's compensation for layoffs is Never3, but it has also been revealed that the compensation package is Ninten2 or Ninten1 (that is, the number of months of working years + 1 times the monthly salary, plus 10, 000 yuan).

In response to the above news, Tesla told the media: "No news has been received yet." According to the Interface News, a third-party employee in charge of the construction of the battery workshop said that Tesla's third battery workshop was just put into production at the beginning of this year and is still in normal operation. A number of Tesla Shanghai factory employees revealed that the online waiting time may be as long as half a year.

As for the reasons for layoffs, some media pointed out that the root cause of the substantial layoffs is that the United States restricts the export of Chinese batteries, resulting in the chopping of battery orders in the United States for Tesla's Shanghai factory. It should be noted that the batteries produced by Tesla's Shanghai factory are for domestically produced models, not for North America, according to the person familiar with the matter.

It is understood that the current Tesla model is mainly equipped with batteries produced in LG and Ningde era, but these batteries need to be built into the battery module and battery pack before they are installed in the vehicle. Most of the process is completed in the Tesla battery workshop. Of course, if the news of layoffs is true, the decrease in Tesla battery orders means that Tesla battery suppliers Ningde Times and LG may need to make corresponding adjustments.


According to the US inflation reduction Act, electric cars made in North America and assembled in North America can provide a tax credit, but they need to meet the required standards. The tax credit is equally divided into two parts, corresponding to key minerals and battery assemblies, with a tax credit of $3750 for each compliance and a full tax credit of $7500 if both are met.

In addition, it is also reported that the more critical reason for layoffs is that Tesla's Shanghai factory has abundant battery assembly capacity. Only two shifts in two workshops in the second phase of the plant can provide 3400 sets of batteries, which has exceeded the total vehicle assembly requirements. Tesla laid off battery assembly out of capacity control.

According to the wholesale sales released by the Federation of passengers, Tesla's wholesale sales in China in June 2023 were 93680 vehicles, an increase of 19% over the same period last year and 20.6% month-on-month, the highest for the year. According to this calculation, Tesla's cumulative wholesale sales in China from January to June this year was 464000 vehicles. According to new data from CaiTong Power, as of June 30, a total of 49000 vehicles were ordered by Tesla around the world, of which 14700 were ordered by Tesla in China, which is only enough for one week's sales based on the current average weekly delivery.


At present, Tesla's official website is still issuing a recruitment announcement, and nearly 50 jobs are vacant, of which battery production operators are still hot jobs, the main task is to complete battery assembly, with an annual salary of 11 to 120000 yuan before tax.

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