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Hardliners! Chery Exploration 06 makes its debut.

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Chery is going to launch an SUV, too! July 7, Chery Exploration 06 fuel version of the official debut, the new car positioning compact SUV, the overall shape of a new design style, in sharp contrast with the current models on sale. It is understood that Chery Exploration 06 is characterized by "light cross-country", that is, it has a certain cross-country ability, while taking into account the daily driving of the city, which is consistent with the positioning of Tank 300. According to previous news, Discovery 06 is expected to be officially available between July and August.

Exploration 06 is made of Chery's latest design language, the overall appearance is very strong, the interior of the giant net is embellished with similar honeycomb elements, and the Chery English alphabet is used in the middle, with long and narrow daytime driving lights on both sides. The overall recognition is high. In addition, the headlamp group also adopts the popular split layout, and is equipped with through-type LED lamp belt.

On the side of the body, the new car adopts a suspended roof design, and the roof line begins to slide slowly from behind the A pillar. The whole body adopts a blackened appearance design, the side lines are tough, and a hidden door handle is used. In the rear part, Chery Exploration 06 is visually stocky, with through-type taillights echoing headlights, hidden rear wipers and two bilateral exhaust designs below. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the vehicle are 4538/1898/1680mm and the wheelbase is 2672mm.

In terms of interior decoration, Chery Exploration 06 interior overall adopts a straight and tough design style, the center console adopts the traditional symmetrical layout, and there are not too many physical keys in the car. It is equipped with large-size longitudinal suspension central control screen and air conditioning outlet with rounded rectangles on both sides, and there are two wireless charging areas for mobile phones under the center console. Combined with previous news, some of the Chery Exploration 06 models will be equipped with seat heating / ventilation / massage, SONY sound, face recognition and HUD look-up display.

In terms of power, the new car is equipped with 1.6TGDI+7DCT Kunpeng Power, and the fuel version is equipped with Kunpeng 1.6TGDI engine, with a maximum power of 145kW (197hp) and a maximum torque of 290Nm. It is understood that Chery Exploration 06 will also launch a hybrid version in the future, but the specific parameters are unknown.

A few days ago, Chery Holdings Group released the latest sales figures, the group sold a total of 741429 cars in the first half of the year, an increase of 56% over the same period last year, setting a half-year record high.

According to the official website, Chery Holdings mainly deals in Chery, Jetway and Xingtu brands, of which Chery brand sales in the first half of the year were 539427, up 50.9% from the same period last year; Xingtuo brand sales were 42240, up 119.3% from the same period last year; Jetway brand sales were 112381, an increase of 84.1% over the same period last year

The Chery brand is the source of sales for Chery Holdings, which includes three major product lines: Ruihu, Arize and Oumengda, with models covering small SUV, compact SUV and medium-sized SUV. According to the data, the sales of Ruihu 8, Ruihu 7 and Jetta X70 in the first half of the year were 97359, 107457 and 67918 respectively, up 24.4%, 80.4% and 29.4% respectively over the same period last year.


There is no doubt that the management of star products is the basis of the major car companies. In addition to the old products, Chery Holdings also launched a number of new models one after another in the first half of the year, such as Xingtuo Yaoguang, Ruihu 9 and other blockbuster models one after another, Ruihu 7PLUS new energy, Ruihu 8PRO new energy, Xingtu a new generation of moon, a new generation of wind / PHEV, a new shortcut Dasheng i-DM with plug-in hybrid system and other new models one by one.

Exploration 06 is the final production car of Chery TJ-1. The new car is quite bright in appearance and has off-road flavor as a whole. If the final starting price can be less than 100000 yuan, it is expected to become a popular model. However, according to the dealer, explore the 06 four-wheel drive version or 120000 yuan.

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