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Harvard is rumored that the sales consultant shows the video of competitive products, and Harvard executives respond.

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Recently, a UP blogger certified as a well-known car on bilibili social platform released a video titled "want to try Harvard owl dragon? excuse me, then you have to watch all the accidents of BYD first" has sparked a heated debate on the Internet. According to the data on the video page, screenshots were posted, the video was viewed 392000 times and 4139 comments were made.



According to the video posted by the blogger, the news came from a friend in the group who was entangling the owl dragons of BYD Song and Harvard, thinking of two test drives before making a decision. When he went to Harvard 4S store to test drive the fierce dragon, he was asked by the salesperson to watch the videos and pictures of various accidents on BYD. As can be seen from the pictures in the video, there are 2 cases of May Day high-speed stall and other videos. In addition, the blogger also exposed the conversation between Harvard salespeople and customers during the test drive.






In this regard, most netizens said they could not understand the behavior. Some netizens commented: as a marketing leader, you can't step on the competitive products that customers want to compare, and the correct way is to admit that the other party is an excellent product, and the customer has a good eye. but such a good vision will certainly be able to find that our product has these better advantages, compared with competitive products with black is the lowest means. Another netizen said: this public relations is really a big taboo, public relations has a principle is not to belittle competitors, otherwise guests will look down on yourself.



Today, in response to the "Harvard new energy sales consultant playing competitive video", Qiao Xinyu, deputy general manager of Harvard brand, responded on personal Weibo: it is not the systematic sales behavior of Harvard brand. It said: recently, some media reported that "Harvard new energy sales consultants broadcast competitive videos", but some bad media distorted the facts and made them up at will to restore the facts after a detailed understanding of what happened. Qiao Xinyu said: the incident happened on June 27, when customers went to the store to see the car, made demands on Behaver's owl dragon and Song PRO, and came to the store the next day to ask for videos of other brands many times on the grounds that they needed to persuade their family not to buy a brand. The sales consultant sent part of the video face-to-face via Wechat and invited customers to have a test drive. After the test drive leaves, the customer will release the 30-minute video clip recorded during the communication.

Qiao Xinyu said: in the Harvard sales channel, it is not allowed to organize sales consultants to attack competitive products, as can be testified by tens of thousands of car owners and more potential customers in the Harvard Owl Dragon series. We have initiated legal proceedings against the unscrupulous water army who repeatedly vilified the Harvard brand and Great Wall Motor in order to win traffic on Weibo, Douyin and other social media. At the same time, it has been monitored that there have been a number of targeted "sneak shots" recently, we are investigating and collecting evidence, and will continue to use legal means to protect the brand reputation. We take this incident as a self-reflection. On the one hand, we should strengthen the training and management of network-wide sales, standardize individual non-standard behaviors in terminal marketing, and avoid similar problems from happening again. We welcome your supervision and sincerely apologize for bringing a bad experience to our real customers. On the other hand, although the proposal has been signed many times in the industry forum, the water army is still rampant, subverting black and white, far-fetched, seriously disturbing the environment of public opinion, believing that Tianwang's recovery is negligible, that many injustices will kill itself, and that bullets will fly for a while. Let time to verify the behavior of reaping the consequences.


Relevant data show that: the Harvard owl dragon model involved in the launch in May, the new car launched a total of three models, the price range of 13.98-156800 yuan. In terms of competitive products, the target is the BYD Song Pro. It is worth noting that with regard to this incident, the blogger posted a video response again yesterday, saying: he has video and recording evidence. We will also continue to pay attention to the follow-up situation.

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