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Or carry a 2.4T engine! The new generation of Toyota Prado will be made in China

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On July 11, some netizens revealed on the domestic social network platform that FAW Toyota will officially make a new Prado model in 2024.

According to the public screenshot of the EIA, the name of the project is "FAW Toyota Chengdu P Model Import Project", which shows that the P model is Toyota Prado PRADO model, but it is not clear whether the new domestic Prado will adopt Toyota's latest hybrid system. However, according to information exposed online, the P model consists of only 2.4T traditional energy models, which are expected to be equipped with Toyota's latest 2.4T turbocharged engine, which will become the biggest limit on domestic Prado production capacity. the reason is that this engine needs to be imported into China.

In addition, according to the EIA announcement, the total investment of the project is 586 million yuan, with an annual planned production capacity of 36000 vehicles. In the production of FAW Toyota Chengdu plant and Asian Dragon, 36000 of the original annual production capacity of 100000 Asian Dragon vehicles will be switched to the new Prado, but because it is a non-load-bearing car body, in addition to renovating the existing production line, it also needs to build some new production lines.



In fact, as early as May this year, FAW Toyota Chengdu P model import project reconstruction and expansion project has obtained a planning license. Prior to this in March, Longquanyi District Investment Promotion Bureau also announced that FAW Toyota's new SUV project landed in Chengdu Economic Development District. According to the signed agreement, FAW Toyota will upgrade its green manufacturing plant at its Chengdu production base and introduce SUV models equipped with Toyota's latest hybrid system, with an estimated annual production capacity of 36000 vehicles.


Overseas images posted online show that the new Toyota Prado will be based on the TNGA-F platform and will continue to maintain a non-load-bearing body design. In terms of appearance, the new car uses the hard SUV design style, the shape is square, the front face is black U-shaped design, the center of the grille is the "TOYOTA" LOGO logo, the net is connected with the headlight group, and the daytime traffic lights are connected with the silver decoration of the net, which makes it look more domineering as a whole. In addition, a lower guard is added to the front and rear bumper of the new car. On the side of the body, the new car adopts a style similar to that of the American Lande Cool, with extended eyebrows and large-size tires. In the rear part, the new car design is relatively simple, the new car cancels the common external spare tire design on the market, the taillight group is vertical layout, the overall visual effect is more young and fashionable.

Brand new Toyota Prado effect picture

As a new generation of models, the size of the new car will also be greatly increased, including 75mm to 4900mm in length, 35mm to 1920mm in width, 10mm to 1900mm in height and 60mm to 2850mm in wheelbase. In terms of power, overseas models may use a variety of power systems, such as 2.4T engine, 2.5L hybrid system, 2.4T hybrid system, 4.0L V6 engine and 3.5T V6 engine, while domestic models will use 2.4T engine.

Prado is a hard off-road vehicle owned by Toyota, which is called "overbearing" by domestic consumers and has a good sales performance. Data show that during the period from 2018 to 2019, monthly sales of the car basically stabilized at about 2800.


Later, due to the influence of national fuel limit regulations and national sixth emission regulations, as well as brand product strategy considerations, FAW Toyota officially announced the suspension of domestic Toyota Prado in June 2020, at that time, Sichuan FAW Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. (Chengdu factory) also held a special shutdown ceremony for the car, data show that during the period from 2003 to 2020, domestic Prado produced a total of 346700 vehicles.


In terms of the shutdown time, the previous generation FAW Toyota Prado has been suspended for three years, if the above news is true, it means that the new Prado will return to the domestic market and be made in China next year. As for the price, the industry believes that even if the car is made in China, the expected price is not cheap. As a reference, the price range of 2019 Prado models sold in China is 494800 yuan to 505800 yuan. It is expected that after the new car comes on the market, the domestic hard cross-country market segment and medium and large-scale SUV market competition may also be more fierce.

When will the new Toyota Prado be released? There has been news that the new car may be released at the end of the year and delivery will begin next year, followed by domestic models. Of course, so far, the clear appearance or interior design of the new Toyota Prado domestic version has not been exposed, and whether the new car will eventually appear on the domestic market as scheduled depends on the official announcement.

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